Miss Grand International 2020 Post-Arrival Hot Picks

02 Mar 2021 | Ana Walia

The grand coronation for the 8th edition of Miss Grand International i.e., Miss Grand International 2020 will be held on 27th March 2021 at Show DC Hall, Bangkok, Thailand. The delegates from all over the world will compete for the crown and Miss Grand International 2019 Valentina Figuera from Venezuela will crown her successor at the end of the event finale. The beauty competition was originally scheduled to take place in Venezuela but the organization decided to shift it to Thailand due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The stunning divas have arrived in Thailand and are under their required 14-day quarantine before the pre-pageant activities began along with various photoshoot rounds. Some of the divas are yet to arrive in the city of Bangkok, Thailand but we already have our favourites from the one that have arrived. Let’s look at the favourites:

Miss Grand Philippines 2020 Samantha Mae Bernardo

Samantha Bernardo was the first delegate to reach Thailand for the finale and has already managed to impress everyone with her graceful and confident attitude towards winning. She was named one of the top 5 on arrival winners and will get a chance to have dinner with the Chairman of Miss Grand International. Samantha has been showcasing immense dedication and determination towards winning the title and fulfilling her wish of winning the title of Miss Grand International for the Philippines.



Miss Grand Thailand 2020 Patcharaporn Chantarapadit

Patcharaporn Chantarapadit is the representative of the host city which puts a little pressure on the diva but she has been winging it with her confidence and strong attitude. She has been showcasing immense support and dedication towards being a best host as well as being authentic in representing the country at an international beauty pageant. She is surely one of the favourites for the title.



Miss Grand Indonesia 2020 Aurra Kharishma

Aurra Kharishma is the representative of Indonesia and has a massive and glamorous send off press conference where she walked on-stage with so much confidence and grace that she surely made it to everyone’s favourite’s list. The Indonesian beauty has been working hard in representative her true and authentic self on-as well as use the platform to empower and encourage more women to participate in beauty pageants. She was voted the highest in the top 5 on arrival at Thailand competition where fans have voted for her which showcases that she has a massive fan following from not only Indonesia but across the world.



Miss Grand Ecuador 2020 Sonia Luna Menéndez

Sonia Luna Menéndez is the representative of Ecuador and wore a green pant suit when she arrived in Thailand and she looked gorgeous and confident about her preparation. When she was appointed as Miss Grand Ecuador 2020, the pageant fanatics in Ecuador welcomed her with open arms and supported, motivated, and pushed her by sending uplifting messages and comments which has continued and is expected to continue after the competition as well. She is one of the favourites for the title and she surely deserves to be one.



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Miss Grand Czech Republic 2020 Denisa Spergerová

Denisa Spergerová is the representative of Czech Republic and has managed to impress everyone with her stunning looks, confidence, and dedication towards winning the title. She was appointed to fill in the shoes of Miss Grand Czech Republic 2020 Barbora Aglerova´ when the diva hurt her feet. She has received so much love and support especially when she mentioned that she wants to win the title of Miss Grand International 2020 for Barbora and Czech Republic. She is one of the favourites and is expecting to secure a high position at the beauty competition.



Miss Grand Panama 2020 Angie Keith

Angie Keith is the representative of Panama and arrive in a stunning rust colored outfit when she arrived in Thailand and showcased some much confidence with her preparation. She expressed how much grateful and excited she is to be a part of such a wonderful opportunity and is assured that she will perform her best on-stage. Angie is hardworking, and focused at winning the title for Panama.



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Miss Grand Paraguay 2020 Daisy Lezcano

Daisy Lezcano is the representative of Paraguay and is one of the favourites for the title as she has been consistence with her performance and is focused towards being the best on-stage and win the title for Paraguay. She is strong and with her stunning looks and smile, she has managed to impress everyone.



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Miss Grand Vietnam 2020 Nguyen Lê Ngoc Thao

Nguyen Lê Ngoc Thao is the representative of Vietnam who has received arrived in beautiful yellow evening gown in Thailand and with so much love and support from Vietnam. She has been focusing on preparing herself for the finale night and has been keeping her fans and followers updates with her looks of the day while quarantining in Thailand. She is a strong, empowered, woman who has managed to impress everyone and made it to the favourites’ list.



Miss Grand Mexico 2020 Ángela León Yuriar

Ángela León Yuriar is the representative of Mexico and is one of the front runners for the title as she has showcased immense focus and confidence in her preparation and in winning the title for Mexico. She was applauded for apologizing to a mistake she made with posting a video with Buddha where she mentioned that she wants to learn more about the different cultures and she will do better. Angela showcases the qualities of a true beauty queen as she made a mistake and she apologised for that. Being authentic to one’s own feeling is what she is focusing on and is what makes her a true queen.



Miss Grand Brazil 2020 Lala Guedes

Lala Guedes is the representative of Brazil and is also one of the front runners for the title who showcases a true quality of being a true beauty queen. She is also quarantining in Thailand with all the other stunning divas and has been showcasing stunning quarantine looks since her arrival. She has been updating her days of quarantine on social media to give a glimpse of her days to her fans and followers.



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