Post Pageant Analysis of Miss Grand International 2020

31 Mar 2021 | Priya Bhardwaj

The eight edition of Miss Grand International, i.e. Miss Grand International 2020, was hosted on 25th March 2021 at Show DC Hall in Bangkok, Thailand. At the end of the event Miss Grand International 2019 Valentina Figuera of Venezuela crowned her successor the new Miss Grand International 2020, Abena Appiah of USA.



The production of the finale was grand with sets full of sparkling backlights, rich music and elegance. The competition was successfully held in Thailand as the delegates enjoyed a week of pre-pageant activities and participated in preliminary contests that led to the finale night. Miss Grand International was the only pageant that took place amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic that was hosted with utmost precautions and following all the safety regulations.



The pageant was kicked off with a stunning and sparkling  performance led by Valentina Figuera including all the 63 delegates participants.  The pageant followed the selection of Top 20-Top-10-Top 5 as the winner and the four runner-ups were announced as her court. The Popular Choice was kept as the audience were also made to feel as a part of the show who voted for Malaysia as their favourite. The Top 10 contestants also gave their speeches on ‘Effects of Covid-19 Pandemic on the World’ in divine white gowns at the finale.



The winners for the Preliminary competitions were announced along the run of the event. Delegates from three countries, Japan,Thailand and Guatemala, tied their spot as the Best in National Costume winners. The Best in Swimsuit award was awarded to Brazil whereas Mexico was accnounced as the Best in Evevning Gown.



Towards the end of the night, Valentina Figuera addressed the audience with an emotional farewell speech, being the longest running title-holder. The Top-5 contestants were then led towards the Question round and based upon their scores throughout the competition the announcement for the runner-ups were made. While Brazil and Indonesia left the spot for the Top-3, another Question was asked for the final basis of judgement as the three leading queens were tied. Abena Appiah of the USA took her crown as she answered the best with Philippines and Guatemala as her first and second runner-ups.



All in all, Miss Grand International 2020, even though being held between a global pandemic, did a commendable job in organizing a pageant of such huge measure and with a big audience all around the world catching up with all details and showering their support through social media platforms. If everything goes by the plan, the pageant might return for the next edition within this year.