Our favourites from the National Costume Competition of Miss Grand International 2023

21 Oct 2023 | Priya Bhardwaj

The National Costume Competition of Miss Grand International 2023 was held on 20th October 2023 at the Phú Tho Indoor Stadium where the delegates showcased their traditional national costumes representing the culture and traditions of their countries.

While all the delegates gave outstanding performances, here are our favourites for the Best in National Costume award, which will be presented to the winner at the finale night –

Nikki de Moura Miss Grand Philippines 2023

Nikki de Moura showcased ‘Festival Queen’ national costume designed by Er Stephen Alvarado. The costume captures the essence of being a Festival Queen, symbolizing the rich cultural heritage and celebration of festivals in the Philippines. The costume is a stunning display of colors, radiating a vibrant and lively aura that instantly catches the eye. With intricate details and elaborate embellishments, it showcases the artistry and craftsmanship of Filipino designers.



Le Hoang Phuong Miss Grand Vietnam 2023

Le Hoang Phuong showcased the ‘Rising Dragon’ which is inspired by the legend of “Children of the Fairy and the Dragon” - the origin of Vietnamese people are all brothers. Dragon in Vietnamese people’s minds also a symbol of power, ascendancy, belief, and aspiration about the enthusiasm, and prosperity of the country. Rising Dragon cooperates with the traditional Ao dai to show the pride in Vietnamese people’s origin, solidarity, and love of peace. Along with that is respecting the strong, resilient, undaunted Vietnamese women.



Valentina Martínez Landkœr Miss Grand Venezuela 2023

Valentina Martínez Landkœr showcased ‘Protector of Mochima’ costume at the competition. The costume is an ode to Valentina’s home state, also symbolizes the greatest treasure of Venezuelans: its people. The Protectora of Mochima is the result of the work of great professionals in different areas, found in different countries. from the world and who came together in order to be part of this story in the pages of Venezuelan beauty.



Aoom Thaweeporn Phingchamrat Miss Grand Thailand 2023

Aoom Thaweeporn Phingchamrat showcased ‘Golden Garuda’ at the competition designed by Art Akrat Niramitsilp. She looked absolutely stunning in the intricately designed costume which is Thailand’s pride.



Boma Dokubo Miss Grand Nigeria 2023

Boma costume celebrated Nigeria’s cultural heritage and the originality of Nigerian women, emphasizing the importance of embracing and celebrating unique qualities of womanhood and existence. Nigeria is rich in natural resources, including the palm tree, which holds immense significance in Nigerian culture. The palm tree is a vital food source and a symbol of victory, peace, fertility, and growth. Its graceful appearance and serene appearance create a sense of calmness and harmony, while its rapid growth symbolizes continuous development and prosperity. The palm tree has also positively impacted women in Nigeria, enabling them to use palm oil and other products to support their families and generate income. This has provided economic empowerment and contributed to the economic growth of communities.



Miss Grand International 2023, the 11th edition of Miss Grand International, is scheduled to be held on 25th October 2023 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam where Miss Grand International 2022 Isabella Menin of Brazil will crown her successor at the end of the event finale.