Miss Grand Japan 2018 Meet The Contestants

15 May 2018 | Camilla Suarez

Miss Grand Japan 2017 Erika Tsuji is soon to pass on her crown to a deserving candidate at the coronation night of Miss Japan 2018. The beauty queen that will receive the chance to represent Japan at the Miss Grand International 2018 pageant will be selected from sixteen semi-finalists, that have already been selected.

The organization of Miss Japan 2018 recently announced the names of the ladies that will be fighting head-to-head for the title of Miss Grand Japan 2018.


Miss Grand Japan 2018 Meet The Contestants

(Photo Credits: Miss Grand Japan Facebook Official)

Miss Grand Japan 2018 contestants are:

Aimi Tanaka

Ami Sugano

Emika Aoki

Fuyumi Takahashi

Haruka Izaki

Haruka Oda

Honami Nishikawa

Kanami Tobita

Mariko Nakagawa

Mina Yoshida

Natsumi Yanase

Platon Mary Eri

Rie Kuroki

Sakiko Takada

Sakurako Yamada

Satsuki Nakano

Yuri Nakagawa

The slogan of Miss Grand International 's tournament is "STOP THE WAR". Miss Grand International is a topic mistake contest alongside the world's three major contests. After starting in 2013, becoming a topic all over the world, 90 countries in the 2015 tournament [2] , 2017 world championships participate in more than 100 countries. Charity activities for refugees due to conflict, nursing homes, elementary school visits, fund-raising activities, etc. are underway during the convention.

In Miss Grand Japan, it is a contest to elect the messenger of "PEACE" who can actively act in the world by activating "PEACE" (peace) as a word and is also a messenger of "PEACE" which can be done because it is a beautiful and healthy woman. In addition to cultivating the inner beauty to do its activities, we will transmit something "beautiful health".