Kimberley Xhofleer crowned Miss Grand Netherlands 2018

17 Jun 2018 | Angelique Reyes

The grand coronation ceremony of the Miss Grand Netherlands 2018 pageant came to an end with the crowning of a new queen at the Apollo Hotel Vinkeveen. Miss Grand Netherlands 2018 (12 months of beauty 2018) took a rocking start with twelve finalists. However, due to an unfortunate turn of events, one of the finalists, Deborah Van Hemert, had to back off. With only 11 finalists, the pageant did not fail to have a rocking year.

During the finale show, that went live on the Miss Grand Netherland’s official Facebook page, the finalists will show their skills on the catwalk in creations by top designer Bjorn Kerstens, Swimwear by Natureza Brasileira by Josh and jewelry by BaroQco.

The newly crowned Miss Grand Netherlands 2018 queen is none other than, Kimberley Xhofleer. We say none other than because Kimberley has also won another important pageant, Miss Earth Netherlands 2016.


Kimberley Xhofleer crowned Miss Grand Netherlands 2018

(Photo Credits: Marcel Schwab)

She will now represent Netherlands at The Grand International 2018 pageant later this year.

On being asked about her advocacy, Kimberley says, “I want to raise awareness for people and especially children in times of war. At this moment it is a urgent global problem that we need to solve together. We need to be strong and need to take action on it. Not only looking at it. Mom’s and dad’s are losing their children, children are losing their friends and so on and it’s all because of war and violence.  We can’t let this happen….

In the Netherlands, we welcomed lots of refugees last year and that means a lot to me. It shows the good side of the people in our country. Now I have a clear vision that I want to accomplish. I want to visit some refugee places and spend some time with them. I would like to understand their story and take away the pain a bit for a while. With my background in psychology I learned how to communicate with people, but also in some cases, how to find back a smile on somebody’s face and that would mean the world to me. I am aware that I cannot change the world by myself, but if everybody starts looking at themselves, than we can make a difference together.”

The 11 finalists fighting for the crown of Miss Grand Netherlands 2018 were Lisan Weidgraaf (Miss World University 2017), Hannah Potuyt, Jessica Wohrmann (Miss Nederland 2016, Miss World Netherlands 2017) , Kimberley Xhofleer (Winner Miss Beauty of the Netherlands 2016) , Jeanne Molenaar, Esmeralda Carelse, Michantely Lisse, Rosella Chialastri, Ashley van Bree, Safina Barsatie (Winner Miss India Holland 2011), and Demy van der Heide.