Maycrin Jaenz crowned Miss Grand Nicaragua 2022

09 Aug 2021 | Camilla Suarez

The organization of Miss Grand Nicaragua hosted the coronation ceremony for Miss Grand Nicaragua 2021 on 8th August 2021 at the Theater Municipal José de la Cruz Mena, León – Nicaragua, where Maycrin Jaenz was crowned Miss Grand Nicaragua 2022 and will represent Nicaragua at Miss Grand International 2022. Nicaragua is the first country to enter Miss Grand International 2022.

Hailing from Granada, Maycrin Jaenz is 23-years-old and stands 176 cm tall. She is a professional model, an entrepreneur, and a student. She is excited about taking over the crown duties as Miss Grand Nicaragua 2022 and will start her preparations for the competition soon.



Maycrin aspires to continue growing as an entrepreneur of national and international supplies, thus allocating a socioeconomic percentage that contributes to the improvement of her two social projects. She wants to continue growing in academic status and be an example of love, peace, and improvement for the people she loves and society in general.

The diva is extremely proud of herself and feels honored and blessed that she has been chosen to represent the country at Miss Grand International 2022, and with time in her hand, she can prepare herself well for the competition. She takes immense pride in representing Granada at Miss Grand Nicaragua 2021 and shared that she feels blessed that she did her best and could make the people of her state proud. She believes that women should be equal and respected, regardless of the year or society in which we live.

Maycrin is a strong, determined, and gorgeous individual who was named Miss Turismo Granada 2018 and has been working as a professional model for a while. She has managed to impress and gain confidence and experience with her work in the field of modeling, which will surely help her during the competition. She is a confident woman who is convinced that it is hard to get to the top, and every step you take to get there is also difficult, but in the end, the reward is unmatched and it erases any pain suffered along the way. Thus, she urges everyone to keep doing what they are doing until they have achieved their goals. "Comments do not define the capacity of your actions," she added.



The diva works hard to maintain herself by following proper workouts, a healthy diet, and keeping herself happy and content. She was one of the favorites for the crown and now, with the Miss Grand Nicaragua 2022 title, she has time to prepare and showcase the culture and tradition of Nicaragua at its best on-stage.

With her positive and humble attitude, Maycrin Jaenz could emerge as one of the strongest contenders for Miss Grand International 2022. Epifanía Jocabed Solís was crowned as Miss Grand Nicaragua 2021 and will represent Nicaragua at Miss Grand International 2021.

Congratulations queen!