Miss Universe Philippines 2021 Meet the Top 75 Delegates

09 Aug 2021 | Angelique Reyes

The Miss Universe Philippines organization is all set to host the coronation ceremony for Miss Universe Philippines 2021 on 25th September 2021. After a series of virtual challenges, the organization has announced Top 75 delegates, shortlisted out of the 100 official candidates, who have moved a step closer to winning the coveted crown.

The Top 75 selection criteria included votes from the Headshot, Intro Video Challenges and the MUPH Organization. It is not based solely on the fan votes. This selection includes phenomenal women who are determined, strong and ready to inspire women all over the world.

So, without any further ado, here are the official Top 75 delegates of Miss Universe Philippines 2021 –

Sherlyn Doloriel

Cheri Angel Flejoles

Jane Genobisa

Victoria Velasquez Vincent

Angelin Summer Fernandez

Rio Gabrielle Ocampo

Ybonne Ortega

Pamela Framil

Jedidah Korinihona

Bai Dela Cerna



Janella Ventura

Michele Angela Okol

Peach Yasbelle Resurreccion

Nepheline Dacuno

Katrina Dimaranan

Farizzha Diro

Sierra Manasis

Christina Afia Yeboa

Joanna Rabe



Steffi Rose Aberasturi

Jeremae Dela Rose

Isabelle Braza

Lea Reyes

Maria Corazon Abalos

Chiara Lim

Jasmine Umali

Simone Nadine Bornilla

Kristen Danielle Delavin



Jamilla Van Gestel

Sheikha Calapatia

Hershey Gail Dacera

Christelle Abello

Janela Cuaton

Gliyam Marianna Cundangan

Noelyn Rose Campos

Charissa Gonzales

Shane Pia

Kristina Rodriguez



Beatrice Gomez

Krizzaleen Valencia

Kamille Quinola

Kheshapornam Ramachandran

Leren Mae Bautista

Leonah Yosalina

Meghan Sanglay

Sharifah Malabanan

Mystymles Zaragoza



Mirjan Hipolito

Joannie Lumbao

Trisha Bless Hernandez

Katrina Chavez

Megan Julia Digal

Vanessa Marie Vuelban

Vincy Vacalares

Gianne Asuncion

Allaine Dolera

Shyrla Nunez



Maureen Christa Wroblewitz

Ingrid Santamaria

Isabelle Braza

Princess Kristha Singh

Patricia Go

Xyrille Caluya

Jan Louise Abejero

Jane Nicole Minano

Rousanne Marie Bernos



Chella Falconer

Jamina Bulawan

Angela Nikki De Grano

Grace Vendiola

Maica Martinez

Angelica Evora

Kevyn Mateo

Jamaica Venturillo

Camille Eisma



Through further online voting, series of challenges and judging, contestants will be narrowed to a Top 50. These Top 50 delegates will then go to Manila for a live face-to-face interview challenge with the Miss Universe Philippines board of judges. Ultimately, a Top 30 will be chosen and announced.

Out of these 30 delegates, one phenomenal woman will take away the crown of Miss Universe Philippines 2021 and win an opportunity to represent Philippines at Miss Universe 2021, scheduled to be held in Israel, this December. The winner of this year’s national pageant will succeed Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Rabiya Mateo who was placed at Top 21 at Miss Universe 2020.