Our Top 5 favourite National Costumes for Miss Grand Thailand 2022

26 Apr 2022 | Angelique Reyes

Miss Grand Thailand 2022 is scheduled to take place on 30th April, 2022 at Show DC Hall in Bangkok, Thailand, where Miss Grand Thailand 2021, Indy Johnson of Pathum Thani, will crown her successor. The winner of this year’s title will get an exclusive opportunity to represent Thailand at Miss Grand International 2022. The international competition will take place on 25th October 2022 in Indonesia.

There are seventy-seven candidates vying for the crown of Miss Grand Thailand 2022. The competition is in full swing as only yesterday, the national costume round took place at the majestic Show DC Hall in Bangkok.

National costume round is given a lot of importance in the Miss Grand International franchise of pageants. Thailand is among the renowned countries of the beauty world. It is only natural that the National Costume segment took place in all its glory. Contestants dressed in their best attires and put on a splendid show for audience worldwide.

Let’s see some of the costumes that stood out to us on the evening –

Warrior of Andaman series



It was worn by beautiful Miss Grand Krabi 2022 Norri Narisa Yisoon. It is designed by Smile Way Shop, Surat Thani and tailored in Studio Salon by Frong. The official description for the costume reads,” Under the beautiful sea Andaman Emerald through the beauty of nature created on the batik fabric of civilization from Indonesia To precious Thai handicrafts.” It is said to be inspired by two ancient crossed swords (krabi) discovered in the province.

Mang Yum Wa



The costume was worn by Miss Grand Phetchabun 2022 Fai Na Sutida Nilphai. It is designed by Khun Suthisorn Insom and is inspired by inspired by Craspedacusta sowerbyi, the only species of Craspedacusta genus found in Thailand, mainly in Phetchabun province. It is the 6th largest freshwater jellyfish in the world. It moves inward and outward, similar to the "Kumkum" movement. The villagers who live in that area are known as "Mang Yum Wa" and can be seen at Kaeng Bang Rachan, Khao District.

Phoenix series of the Northeast



The costume was worn by Miss Grand Nakhon Ratchasima 2022 Proud Nattha Sirichaiwongsakul. It is designed by Thanakorn. It is inspired by Thai crane, a vulnerable species rarely seen in the province. The official description of the costume reads,” Thai cranes have gone extinct from the natural resources of the country and in the year 1990, the Nakhon Ratchasima Zoo has brought thousands of them. natural and successful artificial insemination to be released back to natural resources So it's like a phoenix coming back to life. The costume is presented in the form of a puppeteer. The costumes are inspired by women, the leaders of Korat or Grandma Mo, who will never die from the people of Korat. which is like the phoenix of the northeast.”

Benjasiri style pottery



The costume was worn by Miss Grand Pathum Thani 2022 Wichida Nuansorn. It is designed and tailored by palangkoon dress room. It is inspired by Inspired by the Benjasiri pottery of Mon people, decorated inside by pink lotus, the symbol of the province. The official description for the costume reads,” Pick up the unique jade pottery of Pathum Thani people, called thai silkjar, for sale abroad. Inside, we also bring the lotus pond. that is both a tourist destination and provincial flowers to combine to have gimmicks in the components of the set Beauty queen is like water accompanying lotus There is a sweet beauty that attracts anyone who sees it must turn to look at the spectacular beauty. It is a set that indicates the identity of Pathum Thani province and still retains a distinctly Thai flavor.”

Tittariya Apsara



The costume was presented by Miss Grand Sakaeo 2022 Min Sutida Chaikham. It is designed by Anuwat Chitchinda and Kiattisak Kongsamree. It is inspired by the beauty of Sita butterfly, the charm of the Eastern Forest of Sa Kaeo Province together with beauty of Apsara dancing in the castle of Sdok Kok Thom, tracing the great culture of the past. It aptly reflects the image of cultural prosperity and natural beauty of Sa Kaeo Province.