Lauren Parkinson crowned Miss Grand Wales 2018

26 Jun 2018 | Camilla Suarez

Sources have confirmed, along with Lauren Parkinson on her social media links that she has been crowned as Miss Grand Wales 2018. 23-year-old, Lauren Parkinson was really happy with her achievements. She expressed her emotional excitement on all the social media Platforms. Her facebook was full of posts related to the pageant’s events including albums of the events.

She wrote on her Instagram: So this is my 5th attempt to write this but I’m super tired and in need of a good nights sleep. My Pageant journey was not over just yet.  Thank you to the judges for choosing me to be your new Miss Grand Wales 2018/19 it truly means so much to me.  To my mother who is my rock and side kick in pageant land. You literally do everything for me (I swear it’s her own choice) love you Louise Parkinson.


Lauren Parkinson crowned Miss Grand Wales 2018


Pageant girl team you are amazing and did it once again. I have had one of the best weekends of my life (slightly feeling it today) Holly Louise Hannah Ellis Corinna Paterson you are stuck with me forever  To Maria T Torres thank you for all the endless FaceTimes and words of wisdom, you have helped me so much and helped me produce the sassy walk  love you mama. I suppose I’ll have to add Ariana Torres here because she’s the bestest friend I could ask for, even though you are annoying  Rachael Tate you helped me understand myself more and taught me that I could achieve a lot more than what I thought I was capable of. I’m so grateful for all that you have done, and walking into that interview room I felt at ease and confident. Thank you

To my glam squad Patrick Baston, momma Louise Parkinson, Joanna Johnson and Ann Hutchinson at HD emporium thank you for slaying my life this weekend.

I swear I’m almost done... To everyone who has shown me love and support this weekend I love you all dearly, I would tag you all but I’m afraid to forget someone, so please don’t be offended I just only have half a brain right now  Olivia McPike and Christina Baker I’m so happy to share this journey with you two amazing women, love you both already.

Sarah Davies, Laura Danielle MacMillan, Joey Staerkle and Sharon Gaffka you are all amazing.

To my sponsors Julian Fiddimore and Karina Sheard this wouldn’t of been possible without you both  Ok I’m done now.

She will be on tour with two other girls Olivia McPike crowned as Miss Grand Scotland 2018 and Christina Baker as Miss Grand England 2018. All the three girls would be representing their respective regions at the Miss Grand International final which has previously been held in Thailand, Las Vegas, and Vietnam! They will tour and visit some of the most amazing parts of the country and compete for the title of Miss Grand International! 2016 was the first year that United Kingdome Power Pageant sent delegates to the international final and our Miss Grand Wales, Rachael Tate, placed in the Top 20 and our Miss Grand England, Cherelle Patterson, won the Best in Evening Wear award!

Other winners of the UK Power Pageant Queens were Miss International UK 2018 Sharon Gaffka, Miss Intercontinental England 2018 Sarah Davies, Miss Intercontinental Scotland 2018 Laura MacMillan and  Miss Intercontinental Wales 2018 Joey Staerkle.