Audrey Berville crowned Miss World Guadeloupe 2017

21 Aug 2017 | Angelopedia

At the conclusion of the finale of Miss Guadeloupe Internationale 2017, held on Sunday, 20th August 2017 at Ciné Théâtre de Lamentin in Guadeloupe, Audrey Berville emerged as the winner, and was crowned Miss World Guadeloupe 2017. She will now represent Guadeloupe in Miss World 2017. Audrey, who is just 19 years of age and stands tall at 178 cm, outperformed the other thirteen contestants to clinch the title. She succeeds the outgoing queen and Miss World Guadeloupe 2016, Magalie Adelson.


Audrey Berville crowned Miss World Guadeloupe 2017


This is one rare pageant, where you would see every contestant winning a crown and a title, and a chance to represent their country at an international stage. So, this pageant really lives up to the saying "Everyone is a Winner!"

Let's look at the titles won by other contestants and their respective international pageants in which these winners will compete -

a) Miss Earth Guadeloupe 2017 Morganne Nestar will compete in Miss Earth 2017 to be held in Manila, Philippines;

b) Miss Supranational Guadeloupe 2017 Brianna Marcellin will compete in Miss Supranational 2017 to be held in Poland and Slovakia;

c) Miss International Guadeloupe 2017 Stressia Clothilde will compete in Miss International 2017;

d) Miss Top Model of the World Constance Simmon will compete in Miss Top Model of the World 2017;

e) Miss Grand International Guadeloupe 2017 Krystel Landry will compete in Miss Grand International 2017;

f) Miss Intercontinental Guadeloupe 2017 Marie-Ange Joseph will compete in Miss Intercontinental 2017;

g) Miss Tourism World Guadeloupe 2017 Ludmila Bénito will compete in Miss Tourism World 2017;

h) Miss Millenium Guadeloupe 2017 Jéhanne Nébot will compete in Miss Millenium 2017;

i) Miss United Nations Guadeloupe 2017 Adélie Geoffroy will compete in Miss United Nations 2017;

j) Miss Model International Guadeloupe 2017 Mariana Roland will compete in Miss Model International 2017;

k) Miss Global International Guadeloupe 2017 Priscilla Eugène will compete in Miss Global International 2017;

l) Miss Humanity International Guadeloupe 2017 Samantha Palie will compete in Miss Humanity International 2017; and 

m) Miss West Indies Guadeloupe 2017 Jennifer Bredon will compete in Miss West Indies 2017.

This must be an exciting experience for girls, where they know they will win some title, and the most likely question in their mind would be 'which one?'