Amal Nemer of Venezuela disqualified from Miss Intercontinental 2016

14 Nov 2016 | Angelopedia

The recently held Miss Intercontinental 2016 pageant finals saw the crowning of Miss Venezuela, Amal Karina Nemer, as the fourth runner up. It is now coming to the notice of the pageant fans that she has been disqualified.


Amal Nemer of Venezuela Disqualified from Miss Intercontinental 2016


Last week it came to a surprise for the Miss Intercontinental fans when the organisation posted on their social media page that Amal Nemer of Venezuela, who was adjudged as the fourth runner up at the 45th Miss Intercontinental pageant on October 16th 2016 at Stein Studios, Colombo, Sri Lanka, had been disqualified. Although the organisers kept the reason undisclosed on such a trivial matter, we have found out sources which tell us the real story...The contestant was disqualified and here’s why..

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Amal Nemer was titled Miss Central Western 2016, in May this year. She went on to participate at the Miss Intercontinental 2016 beauty pageant as a representative of her country, Venezuela. However, according to La Nación newspaper, she was accused of fraud.

It has been revealed by the newspaper that the competition authorities blamed Amal Nemer of buying several votes from the jury members. This has finally led to the dismissal of the beauty from the internationally renowned competition.


Amal Nemer of Venezuela Disqualified from Miss Intercontinental 2016


Miss Colombia Leidy Carolina Carvajal Morales, other qualifier from South America, has been placed as the fourth runner-up last week, by replacing Amal Nemer. The organisation recently posted the new winner on one of their social media pages:

“Here are the results of the 45th Miss Intercontinental Pageant:

Heilymar Rosario (Puerto Rico) | Winner

Tracy Ann De Zilva (Sri Lanka) | 1st runner up

Sylvia Commodore (Ghana) | 2nd runner up

Floriana Russo (Italy) | 3rd runner up

Carolina Carvajal (Colombia) | 4th runner up”

Well! Congratulations Carolina! 

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