Kylie Verzosa reveals her Miss International 2016 finale experience

14 Nov 2016 | Angelopedia

On the eve of 29th October 2016, Pinoy beauty Kylie Verzosa conquered the Miss International 2016 pageant after winning the sixth Miss International title for the country. The beauty queen is back to Philippines and has been enjoying her homecoming experience. She has been attending various press meets ever since her return.


Kylie Verzosa reveals her Miss International finale experience


During one such press meeting, Kylie revealed the behind the scene moments of the Miss International 2016 finale. Kylie said that she was extremely nervous and thought that her speech wasn't as good as she wanted it to be. "Actually, I thought I could have done the final speech better," said Kylie. "It wasn't as perfect as I wanted it to be. In the middle I stumbled a little bit. But that was when I told myself okay na 'to (this is okay), you know it's not perfect. Babawiin mo (You'll make up for it). So I gave it the best that I could. And onstage, you don't know how you're doing, you don't know how well you're performing. You just do the best you can and you'll see yourself [through] to the end."

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The beauty queen further added that she did her best during the entire pageant. She also said that even if she hadn’t won the pageant, she would have been proud of herself. She added that since she wasn’t happy with her speech, she came backstage and cried and was tensed about the results. “After the speech, I cried. It was a release of emotions. So I cried backstage and I wanted to pray the whole time – during the pageant I prayed a lot. So after the speech, I went backstage, and while everyone was congratulating the girls, I was looking for a rosary. I was looking something to hold, to touch, something very tangible in my hands. So I prayed. I told Him, 'I gave it everything I could, Ikaw na bahala (It's up to You). So 'di bale na hindi bagay sa gown (So never mind that it didn't match the gown)," Kylie added later, in a more lighthearted tone. "It was the end of the pageant, so I wore that rosary."

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The beauty queen also shared, in one of her Instagram posts, all the training and hard work she underwent to clinch the title. Kylie’s victory as Miss International has brought much acclaim for the pageant as well.