Miss Intercontinental 2018 Top 6 Question and Answer Round

26 Jan 2019 | Angelique Reyes

The 47th edition of Miss Intercontinental witnessed history as Karen Gallman of Philippines won the country’s first ever Miss Intercontinental crown. Before her crowning, the Top 6 beauties had to go through a gruelling question and answer round that tested their eloquence and confidence.  Each of the contestants were asked the one same question – ‘How do you define Success?’ and the beauties kept their various opinions with fluency and eloquence. Let’s have a look at the different perspectives of these beauties.


Miss Intercontinental 2018 Top 6 Question and Answer Round


Bella Lire Lapso Miss Intercontinental Ethiopia 2018

The young diva from Ethiopia was questioned: “How would you define success?” The gorgeous beauty replied that success is something when you have a successful mission or a set of rules that can make you successful. Basically, success is having a successful future.

Karen Juanita B Gallman Miss Intercontinental Philippines 2018

The charming and gorgeous beauty was asked the similar question as the delegate from Ethiopia was asked and that is “How do you define success?” the diva answered that success is not just about winning in life but also setting goals to be it small ones of the bigger ones and follow the path of your goals and follow your dreams whatever you want and paying your gratitude to God for whatever you have in your life. This answer for sure gave a very deep meaning.

Laura Longauerova Miss Intercontinental Slovakia Republic 2018

The beautiful diva was also questioned the similar question and the beauty gave the answer really gracefully as she told that success for her is to wake up every morning and look at herself in mirror and be thankful and proud of being a human with not only beautiful from the physical appearance but also comprising the internal beauty of hers. She wants to spread this word of hers all over the world and let people know about what success is actually.


Miss Intercontinental 2018 Top 6 Question and Answer Round


Adriana Moya Alvarado Miss Intercontinental Costa Rica 2018

The question was again repeated for Adriana as well, and the pretty young diva kept her opinion very gracefully and told that success for her is to be certain of what she achieves in her life a hundred per cent of the time, and follow the road of her dreams, her goals and pursue them, and being thankful for what she has achieved till now and be proud of herself always.

Hillary Hollmann Del Prado Miss Intercontinental Colombia 2018

On being asked that how she would define success in her own words, the gorgeous diva replied that her definition of success is that she was present on the prestigious stage of Miss Intercontinental 2018 and that was more of success for her, as by standing right there, she would inspire many other women of Colombia and the rest of the world. She also wants to inspire and empower many other people around social causes that can make them achieve a lot and in addition to that, she defined success by paying her gratitude for being a woman and achieving a lot.

Ngan Anh Le Au Miss Intercontinental Vietnam 2018

This confident beauty was asked the similar question and she kept her perspective all inspired from her life in which she told that success is who you are and the person who you aspire to be and the goals you want to achieve and how you achieve them and also, she associates success with overcoming of extreme challenges and inhibitions as she was a victim of cyber bully but it's her bravery that she got out of the trap and was present at the gala evening. Moreover, watching big dreams and execute working for them also makes a count on success. Well, the answer was quite genuine and depicted her bravery well.