Karen Gallman of Philippines crowned Miss Intercontinental 2018

26 Jan 2019 | Irina Silva

The grand coronation night of Miss Intercontinental 2018, after much delay, was held tonight in Manila, the Philippines where Karen Gallman from the Philippines was crowned the new queen. The finale witnessed incredible performances by the ladies from all over the world as the audience cheered on for their favourites. Miss Intercontinental 2017 Veronica Salas Vallejo relinquished her crown at the end of the event finale.


Karen Gallman of Philippines crowned Miss Intercontinental 2018


Karen Gallman created history by winning the first ever Miss Intercontinental title for her country as it hosted the pageant for the first time. The 24-year-old beauty was a favourite since the beginning of the competition as she won the Media’s favourite award at the Press Presentation. She was also a part of our Top 10 favourite contestants competing for the title. The half-Australian and half-Spanish descent Filipina definitely was a potential winner from the very beginning and proved so tonight! The newly crowned queen Karen Gallman’s court includes –

First Runner-Up - Adriana Moya Alvarado from Costa Rica

Second Runner-Up - Laura Longauerova from Slovakia

Third Runner- Up - Hillary Hollmann Del Prado from Colombia

Fourth Runner- Up - Ngan Anh Le Au from Vietnam

Fifth Runner-Up - Bella Lire Lapso from Ethiopia


Karen Gallman of Philippines crowned Miss Intercontinental 2018


As the finale begun after much anticipation, the contestants were introduced in their groups of continents. With the accomplished panel of jury announced and welcomed, the organization hastily moved on to announce the Top 20 that moved forward in the competition - Hillary Hollmann Del Prado, Adriana Moya Alvarado, Veronika Volkeova, Nina Solorzano Caicedo, Bella Lire Lapso, Olivia Moller, Engracia Afua kaley Mofuman, Greta Muszka, Akari Maeda, Scarlett Megan Liew Zi Ling, Ivanna Lobato, Nang Mway Phoung Loong, Michelle van Sonsbeek, Gabriela Natasha Soley Sawkiw, Karen Juanita B Gallman, Laura Longauerova, Aink Ingchanok, Senya Lamber, Marianny Egurrola and Ngan Anh Le Au.

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As the Top 20 was announced, the divas strutted on the stage wearing their swimsuits and looking absolutely gorgeous. The contestants also showcased their evening gowns at the finale night which only added to the beauty of the competition. The Continental queens were thus announced which were the Top 5 of the competition. The sixth contestant who made it to the Top 6 was the People’s Choice Award winner - Ngan Anh Le Au Miss Intercontinental Vietnam 2018.

After the announcement, the Top 6 went through the crucial Question and Answer round where their eloquence and confidence was tested. Check here for the question and answers that determined the fate of the Top 6. As the competition inched closer to the conclusion, a series of special awards were also presented to the contestants - 


Karen Gallman of Philippines crowned Miss Intercontinental 2018


Miss Ultra V – Nang Mway Phoung Loong Miss Intercontinental Myanmar 2018

Social Media Star – Aluna Rifani representing Indonesia

Celina Villalobos Fuchs representing Argentina

Miss Congeniality – Arleen Paola Cobas Lukowsky representing Panama

Angelopedia wishes the heartiest congratulations to the winners!