Miss Intercontinental 2018 Guests and Panel of Judges

21 Jan 2019 | Irina Silva

The much-awaited gala night of Miss Intercontinental 2018 is just around the corner as the finale will be held on 26th January 2019 at Sofitel Philippine Plaza, Manila, Philippines. The conclusion of the finale will witness the crowning of the new queen by the outgoing queen Veronica Salas Miss Intercontinental 2017 from Mexico.

At the event finale, Miss Intercontinental Japan 2017 Kumi Miyamae will be present along with the host team, in order to introduce new delegates participating in the pageant and to bound the audience to the show. Apart from this, previous year winner Veronica Salas Miss Intercontinental 2017 is honoured as a judge in the Telecast Judges team along with the other important people.

So, let's take a look at these VVIP guests and judges and get to know a little more about them:


Miss Intercontinental 2018 Guests and Panel of Judges



Miss Intercontinental Japan 2017

Kumi Miyamae is a young diva who participated in Miss Supranational Japan 2017 competition and was placed in Top 5, and was awarded with Miss Friendship award and People’s Choice award. She was the first Filipino who represented Japan in Miss Intercontinental 2017 and was adjudged the semifinalist in the finale.

Serah Ndanu

She actually belongs to a dynamic professional background, as she is into an acting portfolio, a host for a TV show in Kenya and had been working as a Marketing and Communications Director. In addition to all this, she succeeded in producing TV shows as well.

TV Host and Actor - Hectot Gonzales

Hectot Gonzales is a well-known TV host, who has probably hosted many shows and in addition to this, he is an aspired actor as well.


Miss Intercontinental 2018 Guests and Panel of Judges


Billy Crawford

Billy Crawford is an aspired singer, an actor, and a host, who had been making a lot of people in wonderstruck with his talent and his excellence, along with his great physical personality that can actually make you believe that he is quite aesthetic in fitting in the showbiz industry as an artist.


Vincent De Paul

Vincent is an out-standing award-winning actor and a producer. His career commenced more than three decades ago. He is also the president and founder of Five Arts Films and Productions LLC. Now, he is honoured to be a judge for the 47th Miss Intercontinental 2018.

Lorenzo Lamas

Lorenzo holds up a wide range of backgrounds which includes that he is an actor, director, has starred in five television series and in over fifty movies. He is very well known for his roles on television, remarkably as Lance Cumson on CBS’ Falcon Crest and Reno Raines in the hit show Renegade. Now, he has been honoured to warm up 47th Miss Intercontinental 2018 as the judge.


Miss Intercontinental 2018 Guests and Panel of Judges


Miss Intercontinental 2010 – Maydelise Columna

Maydelise can be a great example in the show or the other delegates to perform good and bring the title. She had studied acting at the Artistic Education Center of Televisa in Mexico where she had been working in soup operas and series like DespertarContigo, Corazón Que Miente, Sunombre era Dolores, Jenni Rivera etc. and currently is working as an actress. As she is the old queen and can find the attributes out of the contestants that are perfect for being crowned. So, now she has been honoured to be a part of the Miss Intercontinental 2018 as a judge.

Miss Intercontinental 2017 - Veronica Salas

Veronica is the reigning beauty carrying the title of Miss Intercontinental 2017 is now representing herself as the judge in the show and she would be crowning her new successor in the finale itself.

Dr Kwon Han Jin

Dr Kwon is a 49-year-old Korean, who has made a brilliant career as he is the President of Ultra V and a world-renowned authority on anti-ageing. He is Chairman of the Dermasters-Clinic and also Chairman of the International Association of Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine. Moreover, he is the Vice Chairman of the Korean Stern Cell Institution as well the Chairman of the A4M World Anti-Aging Society Korea. After considering all these higher positions, he has been honoured to be a part of the show as a judge.