Nepali Beauty Varsha Sharma is slaying Miss Intercontinental 2017

15 Jan 2018 | Irina Silva

Describing herself as a very active and creative child while growing up, Miss Intercontinental Nepal 2017 Varsha Sharma (Barsha Sharma) is Nepal’s best bet for Miss Intercontinental 2017. This is the first time that Nepal is participating in Miss Intercontinental pageant and 25-year-old Varsha has her A-game on in the competition.

Looking beautiful in the contest, she is not leaving a single stone unturned to present herself well. Varsha stands tall at 167 cm and speaks Nepali and English fluently. She is travel goof and adores exploring new places. Reading books is her passion and she loves to make friends and meet new people in life. Probably Varsha’s simplicity is her best asset.

Varsha is very hard working and this can be derived from the fact that when she was studying in college completing her Bachelors in Business Studies degree, she also worked to earn for herself as she believes in multi-tasking and giving her best shot at everything.

This Nepali beauty’s one of the best quality is her pleasing looks. She radiates an aura of bliss and peace. She knows how to speak brilliantly and is a very soft spoken person in life.

Varsha was crowned Miss Intercontinental Nepal 2017 in the late November 2017. With this crown, she holds a great responsibility of upholding Nepal’s name in the international competition. The good thing is because of various schedule delays in Miss Intercontinental 2017, the competition’s date shifted to January, giving Varsha ample time to prepare for the competition.


Nepali Beauty Varsha Sharma is slaying Miss Intercontinental 2017


Varsha looked scintillating a swimsuit while walking the poolside podium in Miss Intercontinental Swimwear Preliminary Round and we couldn’t miss this young lady’s toned figure and perfect walk. Looking bright in pink, she had a constant smile throughout her walk. She was also a part of Our Top 10 Favourites.

We think that Nepal has got a good chance to go very far in this international contest and maybe also win it with Varsha’s representation.

What do you think about Varsha’s representation in Miss Intercontinental 2017? Do you think she can win this international contest with Nepal participating for the very first time?