Miss International 2019 Top 8 Speech Round

12 Nov 2019 | Abigail Henry

Miss International 2019 hosted it’s 59th edition of Miss International beauty pageants few hours ago at Tokyo Dome City Hall Bunkyo district, Tokyo, Japan, with eighty-three delegates from all around the world competed for the coveted international crown. The night witnessed the crowning of Sireethorn Leearamwat from Thailand as the winner of the golden crown. She is the first diva who brought the crown of Miss International 2019 to her home country Thailand. The reigning Miss International Mariem Claret Velazco of Venezuela crowned her successor at the end of the event finale.

Before her crowning, the Top 8 beauties went through a round of speeches, where they were asked to use their own words and demonstrate their charm in the speech within just 45 seconds. The gorgeous divas came up with their beautiful speeches which showed their prudency and confidence. The beauties kept their various opinions with utmost fluency and grace.


Miss International 2019 Top 8 Speech Round


Let’s have a look at the speeches of the divas with their different perspectives –

Andrea Isabel Sid Toscano Ramírez Miss International Mexico 2019

The diva spoke about “Empowerment”, that it becomes selfish when it breaks the glass ceiling for others and that is our challenge at this moment to engage all woman in sharing their life stories and also sharing about what they do for others.  The diva believes that as Miss Mexico she wanted to introduce a policy for children in Mexico, where they can promote education for them. She congratulated Japan for its powerful policies for education for children which improves the quality of life for them by developing policies for health and education. And, the diva also believed that being a Miss International is not just about winning the pageant but about serving the responsibility to be heard and being a role model in every country and every society.

Patch Magtanong Miss International Philippines 2019

The Filipina spoke about women empowerment and how, becoming a lawyer and learning all those values gave her a strong sense of confidence and the same way, she believes, that the International pageant not only gives the platform to showcase the beauty but also promotes woman empowerment and gender equality. Also, through the platform, the diva said that they ensure that no woman is ever left behind.

Maria Alejandra Vengoechea Cárcamo Miss International Colombia 2019

The gorgeous diva spoke about Woman equality and how she came up at this platform even after battling through her fears, she did not give up. The diva’s mother is her role model and she admire her for always being supportive and for always helping her out. The diva believes in the equality for all the woman and building up together, no matter what their race, nationality, etc, is.

Evelyn Namatovu Kironde Miss International Uganda 2019

Evelyn spoke about the business empowerment and financial empowerment amongst the woman. She wants to inspire the woman to do more and build a sense of independency and strongness and by doing so, there will be a lot of enhancement in not just them but also their lives.


Miss International 2019 Top 8 Speech Round


Jolene Marie Cholock-Rotinsulu Miss International Indonesia 2019

The diva was highly homered and grateful to be at the stage of Miss International 2019 and the face of Indonesia. She expressed her gratitude while giving the speech and said, “Here in Japan I learn so much about friendship and the definition about that we come together as one nation and the most important thing as woman to empower one another, inspired by the spirit of Omotenashi. To give more to others, more than they could ever imagine. And now, I’m ready to spread love and peace through beauty. Because at the end of the day, it’s not just about the crown, it’s about friendship, international understanding, and sisterhood. Cheer all woman!”

Nguyen Tueng San Miss International Vietnam 2019

Spoke about love, peace and joy. She believes that the smile is the key to move forward in life. And by wearing your best smile, can give out a lot of positivity around. Her action for Miss International 2019 would be to bring out love, peace and joy in the whole wide world.

Sireethorn Leearamwat (Bint Sireethorn) Miss International Thailand 2019

The diva spoke about her criticisms she got, while being crowned as Miss International Thailand 2019 and after fighting the battles, she did not give up and knew where she was now. The diva dared to dream to be a beauty queen even after knowing that her career of being a pharmacist, did not match with this pageant industry. She used the criticisms which helped her to move forward and to improve at her best and become the best representative and make her nation proud.  So, her action for Miss International 2019 was for woman and for them to how to encourage, support and inspire the woman around the world which makes the dream come true and also a great team into our world. The diva also said about if she becomes the next Miss International 2019, she wants to and will surely become an inspiration to all the woman. She said, “If I, an ordinary girl can do it, then you all can do it too.”

Harriotte Lane Miss International United Kingdom 2019

At the age of 13, Harriotte fell in love with the international beauty pageant and it was the first pageant that she ever watched. She wanted to become the confident, beautiful woman before stepping on the stage. She wants to inspire others to chase their dreams and to never stop. So her action towards Miss International 2019 was to move forward with the thousands of woman in United Kingdom, with all ages and with all backgrounds to do all the unstoppable things they want to do in their lives by supporting their communities and charities.

Congratulations to all the winners!