Miss International 2022 Update – Orientation Day held

01 Dec 2022 | Priya Bhardwaj



Miss International 2022, the 60th edition of Miss International pageant, is scheduled to be held at the Tokyo Dome City Hall in Tokyo, Japan on 13th December 2022. Miss International 2019 Sireethorn Leearamwat of Thailand will crown her successor at the end of the event finale.



The pageant has officially begun as the contestants from all over the globe have arrived in Tokyo. The orientation day was held today where the contestants were introduced to each other as well as the media along with dividing the contestants into groups for the pre-pageant events and activities.



Group A includes delegates from Belarus, Australia, Vietnam, Japan, Brazil, Cabo Verde, Uzbekistan, Belgium, Northern Marianas while Group B includes delegates from Greece, USA, Cambodia, Korea, Italy, Romania. Group C has delegates from India, Canada, Germany, Singapore, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Finland, Haiti, Jamaica.



Group D includes contestants from Spain, Philippines, Macau, Thailand, Poland, Malaysia, Slovakia, Laos, Ecuador, Kenya while Group E includes contestants from Hawaii, Norway, New Zealand, South Africa, Nepal, Namibia, Taiwan, Portugal, United Kingdom. Also, Group F includes delegates from Togo, Mauritius, France, Mongolia.



Group G includes delegates from Mexico, Venezuela, Paraguay, Bolivia, Guatemala, Colombia, Chile and lastly, Group H includes the delegates of Panama, El Salvador, Peru, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Honduras, Nicaragua and Puerto Rico.



The delegates also met with the sponsors of the 2022 edition and received many gifts. The contestants will now go through a series of pre-pageant events and competitions for two weeks until the coronation night arrives. The pageant is being held after an absence of two years dur to covid-19 pandemic.