Noa Teomi for Miss Universe Israel 2020?

12 May 2020 | Ana Walia

Miss Israel is all set to host its current year edition, i.e. Miss Israel 2020, where stunning beauties from all over the country will compete for the national crown and the opportunity to represent Israel at Miss Universe 2020. The pageant also sends a representative to Miss World 2020 even though the pageant did not send any representative in the last two years.

Twelve contestants have been selected from all over the country to compete at the pageant which boasts of stunning and confident ladies. But Noa Teomi from Yehud is emerging as a potential winner for the title as she is very confident and determined to win.

Noa is 23-years-old and stands 177cm tall. She works as a professional model and is studying to get into a medical school. She loves to be on-stage and feel confident about herself. The diva likes to travel and meet people to get to know the different culture and tradition across the world. She has keen interest in reading and practicing yoga.



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Noa feels very blessed that she is a part of a platform that will not only help her feel more encouraged and powerful but also help her understand her culture deeply and give her a platform to show her view about her country. She is excited for all the opportunities that are coming on her way and she is confident that she will perform her best at the competition to impress the judges and the audience.

Noa is very passionate about beauty pageants and helping people and that’s one of the reasons why she wants to be in the medical school. She also feels that Miss Israel 2020 will give her a platform which will help her to advocate about her social work as well as encourage more people to join hands and work for the people. Noa is very honest and humble person who believes that every individual in the world should do good deeds for the elderly or anyone they feel need help because that’s something the world needs right now.



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The diva who has gained her share of experience and knowledge about beauty pageants by working with some renowned designers and brands in Israel has been confident and very dedicated towards winning the title and represent Israel at Miss Universe 2020 stage. She is known to be a quick learner and takes criticism very positively and makes sure to work on them. She is very grateful for her family and friends being supportive and motivating towards her dream.

Noa is beautiful, confident, and determined towards winning the title. She can be a tough contender for the title and since she is already a fan favorite, she is close to winning the title. With her confidence and charming personality, she can emerge as a winner. She has already started to prep herself up for the competition.