Señorita Colombia winner to not compete in Miss Universe anymore?

12 May 2020 | Priya Bhardwaj

With speculations making rounds on the internet with the appearance of Miss Universe Colombia instagram account, it is being said that Señorita Colombia will not be sending the representative to Miss Universe and a separate pageant will now be held to crown the representative of Colombia to Miss Universe. This decision mirrors the Binibining Pilipinas losing the franchise and Miss Universe Philippines being held as a separate pageant this year.

While there has been no official announcement for the same, the rumours began when the first few followers were none other than the vice-president of the Miss Universe organization himself Shawn McClain of the newly made Miss Universe Colombia Instagram account. This definitely has added fuel to the fire as the pageant fanatics are going crazy trying to determine what the next step would be.


Señorita Colombia winner to not compete in Miss Universe anymore?


If this rumour is indeed true, then Señorita Colombia 2020 Maria Fernanda Aristizábal will be going to Miss International 2020 instead of Miss Universe 2020 this year. This could be because Maria was crowned Señorita Colombia 2020 and not Miss Universe Colombia 2020. It has been tradition to send the winner to Miss Universe but primarily the winner of Señorita Colombia serves the country.

Also, the CNB has never had the Miss Universe license. RCN, Jolie/Vogue, and some other corporations had the franchise and gave the CNB the right to send its winners. In the 60s and 80s some of the winners did not go to Miss Universe because the license holder chose to have its own pageant. So if all of this is true, the new license holder could choose to have its own pageant or send the winners of the CNB as the representative of Colombia in Miss Universe.