Miss Korea 2018 Meet The Contestants

13 Jun 2018 | Camilla Suarez

Miss Korea 2018, the 62nd edition of the Miss Korea pageant, is underway and the contestants have been going through the competition like a breeze. They are confident and nothing can shake them up. The finale night will be held on July 4, 2018, 7 pm at Jamsil Olympic Hall (in Olympic Park).

Miss Korea Selection Contest is a beauty contest that sends a representative of Korea to the international pageants Miss Universe, Miss Earth, and Miss International. This competition, which started in a barbaric society with little to see after the Korean War, was a huge topic in itself, a pleasure for the people, and a gateway to many talent and broadcasters.


Miss Korea 2018 Meet The Contestants

(Photo Credits: Miss Korea Facebook Official)

The titleholder of Miss Korea is selected through a fair and rigorous process through regional examination, mainline examination, and camp for about 4 weeks. She then goes on to perform various activities such as various public relations ambassadors, social contribution activities, international beauty contest after the election.

Currently Seo Jae-won is the reigning Miss Korea 2017. She will crown one of the following contestants at the conclusion of the finale of Miss Korea 2018.

Kim Kyu Lee

Shin Min Ji

Lee Hyo Rim

Kim Su Hyun

Choi Ji Hye

Park Seong Eun

Lee Yoon Jin

Kim Hi Ro

Hong Ji Un

Park Ye Ha

Kang Do Rim

Kim Myung Seo

Kim Kye Ryung

Jeon Eun Hwa

Kang Jeong Hyeon

Jo Hye Min

Lim Kyeong Min

Kwak Eunji

Kim Na Yeong

Son Jeong Eun

Kim Ji Yeon

Yang Se Eun

Kim Soo Min

Kim Byeoli

Yuk Ji Song

Kim Ha Neul

Song Su Hyun

Bak Che Won

Kim Seo Weon

Jeon Ju Mi

Jung Du Ran

Yoon Yi Ji

Kim Hi Ran

Son Hee Ju

Joo Mee So

Kim Seo Cheong

Kuk Son Yong

Kim Dan Bi

Jung Hui Ji

Kim Hyun A

Lee Yun Ji

Oh So E

Jin Hye Ryeon

Shin Eun Hye

Kim Yu Hyun

An Hyeon Yeong

Lee So Huen

Seo Ye Jin

Lee Ju Hyun

An Su Bin

The Miss Korea selection contest sponsored by the Korea Daily consists of 'Korea's greatest and biggest beauty festival'. In May 1957, the first meeting held at Myeongdong Municipal Theater in Seoul provided a place for festivals to the people in a time when they were mentally deprived after the war and they did not have a lot to see. In a situation where the exchange was minimal, I was able to go to the international beauty pageant and give the opportunity to promote the national affairs. I would like to express my constant support to Miss Korea, who has been actively promoting the beauty of Korea all over the world.