Miss Mauritius 2021 Meet the Delegates

25 Feb 2022 | Angelique Reyes

The Miss Mauritius national organization is all set to host the coronation ceremony for Miss Mauritius 2021 pageant where the reigning Miss Mauritius 2019 Angélique Sanson will crown her successor, who will represent the country at the Miss World 2022 pageant.

This year, 14 stunning delegates are competing for the title and to represent the country at the international platform. So, without any further ado, let’s meet the delegates competing for Miss Mauritius 2021 –

Delia Gemmie Dabydin

Delia Dabydin, 21 years old, hails from Rose-Hill and is currently a sales and administrative manager in a company specializing in the sale and repair of car tires. She is passionate about dance and art. Self-taught, the diva gives free reign to her creativity. Aware of the repercussions of pollution, Delia contributes to implementing more eco-responsible choices.

Marie Sarah Julia Bernard

19 years-old Julia Bernard is a journalism student at the University of Mauritius. She describes herself as a rather simple girl but who talks a lot. The diva likes to converse and discover different ways of thinking. Like her mother, she has a passion for reading and history. Julia has been practicing classical ballet since the age of 5 and recently, contemporary dance.

Megane Marie Alix Leger

Megane Leger is a last year student of English and French literature as well as sociology at the Dr Maurice Curé State College. She lives in Curepipe and is thinking of opting for tertiary studies in psychology to pursue a career in child psychology.

Estellina Ah-Hon

Estellina is a 21 year-old student and director, currently doing a degree in international business management. She also owns a B2B company specializing in the distribution of hygiene and cleaning products across the island. She describes herself as dynamic, independent and always ready to embark on new adventures to better enrich her knowledge.

Varsha Devi Prim

Living in Deux-Freres, Varsha is 23 years old and is currently studying Tourism and Hospitality Management at Vatel Mauritius. During the pandemic, she started her own small business account on Instagram around DIY crafts. Recently, she has developed a new hobby: hiking, trekking and discovering natural places all around the Island. Joining the pageant has been one of her dreams since she was young and today standing here has given her more Self-Confidence.

Anne-Laure Darcy Guillemain

Anne-Laure Guillemain, 23 years old, resident of Terre-Rouge is a graduate from IATA and was a flight attendant at Air Mauritius for two years, then front desk officer/customer relationship in an offshore company. She is passionate about simple things, painting and aviation. Currently the diva plans on embarking on further studies and the job market.

Marie Tracy Winnie Prodigson

Hailing from Vuillemain Q. Militaire, Tracy is a professional model and has been modelling since she was 15 years old. Being part of the fashion industry was her biggest dream and the 18 year-old is working hard on making her dreams come true. Being part of the Miss Mauritius pageant will take me one step closer to her goals.



Marie Esha Ghanishta Luchoomun

Esha Luchoomun, 18 years old is awaiting her results of the HSC. Passionate about social issues, she decided to participate in Miss Mauritius because she would like to make her voice heard in order to fight against domestic violence and would like to promote the multiculturalism of the beautiful island.

Aadilah Bibi Auckloo

21 years-old Aadilah is a resident of Union Park and a 3rd year student and currently doing a bachelor degree in the Hospitality and Tourism Management sector. The diva describes herself as a simple girl living a simple life who is very fond of adventurous places and nature exploration.

Sakshee Sissoagur Jeewon

Sakshee Sissoagur-Jeewon is currently working in the audit department for an accounting firm. Her motto in life is that irrespective of what you look like on the outside, emphasis should be put on what you have to offer to the world because beauty is meant to be authentic, not perfect. The diva strongly believes that this platform would enable her to bring forward the concept of beauty with a purpose by promoting values ??that are close to her heart, notably respect, humility and empathy as well as emphasizing not only one cause but on several causes that impact the beautiful island.


Zakiyyah, 20 years of age residing at Phoenix is currently doing a BSC in Business Administration. She is passionate about the Fashion industry and is a social butterfly. The diva aspires to be a successful business woman and a role model for future generations. She loves her simple life but believes in chasing dreams as this is what makes life exciting and worth living.

Zina Peerally

21 years-old Zina was born in Paris and is of Mauritian origin. She graduated with a Bachelor in Digital Marketing. She describes herself as open, very friendly and with a great interest in humanitarianism and ecology.

Liza Tracy Gundowry

Liza Gundowry is 24 years-old and has recently finished a Masters in African Studies at the University of Oxford. She aspires to work for the advancement of the African continent. The diva holds a keen interest in performing arts and media and had the privilege of working for MTV London. More recently, she was a host for the Mauritius Open Air Festival in London.

Marie Brigette Meunier

21 year-old Brigette hails from Roche Bois and is currently working as a Stock Controller. She describes herself as a simple girl, a little shy and not very sociable. For her, the competition is a challenge and at the same time an opportunity to get out of her bubble a little and discovering other facets of the world that are still unknown to her.