Miss Chiapas 2019 Rocío Carrillo wins the catwalk challenge for Miss Mexico 2020

23 Jun 2020 | Angelique Reyes

Miss Mexico organization will host the coronation ceremony soon where the delegates of different provinces from across the country who will vie for the crown of Miss Mexico 2020 and the opportunity to represent Mexico in Miss World 2020. However, there has not been any official announcement regarding the date and venue of the event, the pageant fanatics presume it to be sometime in August/September 2020.

The organization had organized a virtual catwalk challenge for the delegates where they uploaded their graceful catwalk videos from their respective homes and the audience was be able to vote for their favorite. This challenge is just a breakthrough in the preparation of the participants for the national contest, all videos are made at home following the corresponding instructions in the face of the COVID19 contingency we are facing. This is an unofficial challenge and will not add points to the winners and is being taken on to keep the delegates as well as the fans motivated and interested.



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Recently, it was announced that Miss Chiapas 2019 Rocío Carrillo is the winner of the catwalk challenge with Miss Michoacan 2019 Karolina Vidales for having obtained second place and Miss Durango 2019 Carolina Thomas and Miss Veracruz 2019 Andrea Munguía for obtaining third place.

Rocío Carrillo was crowned Miss Chiapas 2019 on 8th March 2020 and has become the official representative of Chiapas in Miss Mexico 2020. Rocío has worked and will continue to work together with the Toledo Foundation in the Acércame a la Escuela program, a social project for beauty programs with the purpose. Her project’s name is “Come Closer to School” in which her team and she will help children to be able to access education. She feels that education is very important for young people to understand what lies in the future and as they are the next generation, they need to have access to the right kind of information.

After winning the challenge, Rocio took to her social media account to thank everyone who voted for her as she explained that the graceful catwalk was the result of many days of rehearsals and hard work of the team. She also thanked Miss Mexico organization for organizing the activity which helped every delegate to stay motivated and look up to something positive every single day. She further congratulated all her beautiful colleagues and complimented them on their catwalks which she described as ‘beautiful’, and stated that it was an honor to compete against all of them.



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Rocio thanked her Miss Chiapas organization who helped her to stay motivated and supportive throughout the journey. The diva mentioned, “we are a very beautiful family, success is best enjoyed as a team.” She lastly added that she is working hard and preparing herself for the finale evet and people have been pouring their love and support for her for which she is immensely grateful. She states that she will keep preparing herself for the competition until she has aced her performance.

She is very persuasive in her speech which will benefit her during the competition and she is very opinionated with her thoughts and views. She puts them out clear and loud to make people understand what she’s saying. With her winning of Catwalk Challenge, Miss Chiapas 2019 Rocío Carrillo surly, comes out as a strong contender for the title of Miss Mexico 2020.

Congratulations to the winners!