Viktoria Christense for Miss Universe Norway 2020?

22 Jun 2020 | Camilla Suarez

Miss Norway 2020 is all set to host its next edition to crown the representatives to Miss Universe 2020 and Miss International 2020. Helene Abildsnes Miss Universe Norway 2019 and Henriette J. Hauge Miss International Norway 2019 will crown their successors at the end of the event finale. This year will mark 30 years since Norway won the Miss Universe crown by Mona Grudt who was crowned Miss Universe 1990. She is the only delegate from Norway to have won the Miss Universe crown.

Since the Miss Norway Organization has announced the name of the delegates competing for the national title, one name which is emerging as the potential winner of the crown is Viktoria Christense. She is a strong contender for the title of Miss Universe Norway 2020 crown who is very passionate about representing her country at Miss Universe 2020 stage.



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Hailing from a small southern village named Grimstad; Viktoria is 26-years-old and is currently studying psychology and doing a bachelor thesis on social inclusion. She is very excited to be competing at Miss Universe Norway 2020 and hopes to win the title and represent Norway at Miss Universe 2020 stage. She likes challenges as she feels that challenges keep one on their toes and it’s good for someone who wants to achieve so much more in life.

Describing herself as open and loyal, Viktoria feels that she has all the skills and abilities needed to represent Norway at international stage. She loves spending her time with animals and in nature. Miss Universe Norway 2020 is Viktoria’s first ever pageant but she is confident that she will perform her best at the competition.

Viktoria explained in one of her social media posts that she has been following a vegetarian diet for a long time and advocates about the same as she feels that by reducing the consumption of meat, we can save animals and contribute for a better environment. She would like to use the platform of Miss Universe Norway 2020 to raise awareness about the same and animal cruelty in a whole. She is huge supporter for animal rights because she strongly believes that animals can’t speak for themselves and someone should. She has a horse whom she loves a lot and shares pictures on her social media.



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The diva is very positive and open in her thoughts and one of the qualities that differentiate her from others is that she is very firm with her opinions and encourages everyone to do so. She wants to give a message to women out there to feel the power inside them and work hard towards their goals and dreams. She believes, “never be afraid to stand up for what is right and hate injustice.”

Viktoria is very excited to be a part of the competition and meet all the other contestants of the competition as she believes everyone has a unique quality that the other can learn. “We are all very different but we all have in common that we are some strong and beautiful young ladies with bones in the nose! Everyone does such a great job and we all have such beautiful radiance and lovely smile that it was a joy and honour to be one of the Miss Norway 2020 finalists.”

The diva has started to prepare herself for the competition with working on her walk-on-stage, body postures and angels, communication, and interview skills. She feels that she has the skills and abilities that she can represent Norway at Miss Universe 2020. She is also focusing on maintaining her physical as well as the mental health and practices yoga for that, “Yoga is really good for stretching your body and taking control over your breath and awareness with can help you both physical and mentally. It is much harder for your core muscles than you might think!” she shared. She can be a tough competition for others with her beautiful face, confident and radiant personality.