Miss Universe Nepal 2020 Wishlist: Aastha Saakha

22 Jun 2020 | Angelique Reyes

It was recently announced by Miss Universe Nepal organization that that the coronation of the next representative of Nepal at Miss Universe i.e., at Miss Universe 2020 stage will be held virtually keeping the social distancing and the proper safety of the people involved in mind. Miss Nepal Universe 2017 Nagma Shrestha is the new national director of Miss Universe Nepal and had informed Ma Nepali that Miss Universe Nepal 2020 app is being developed and will be available in the app store and Google play store by mid-July.

The queen also mentioned that the delegates will be selected via application itself and the divas will have to register themselves from the same app. After the registration and selection, the diva will go through online training and workshops for the pageant while the finale even will also be live-streamed.



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With wish lists being prepared for the potential delegates for representing Nepal at Miss Universe 2020 stage Aastha Saakha has caught our attention as a potential candidate to represent Nepal at international stage. Aastha is passionate about representing her country at international stage as well as make her marking on an international level as someone who is inspiring and a positive role model. She studied at Ace Institute of Management and is now the Executive Director at Saakha Group.

She is 24-years-old and stands 170cm tall. She has represented Nepal at Miss Asia Pacific International 2018 and prior to this she also represented Nepal at Miss Tourism International 2018 where she had final combat with forty-five other global contestants. Back in 2012 Aastha was the part Miss Teen 2012 and was also the contestant for Miss Nepal 2018, where she bagged the award of Miss confident. Aastha is strong, confident, and very focused towards her goals in life.

Despite appearing in multiple pageants over the years, the Miss Asia Pacific Nepal doesn't describe herself as a model but as a business person. "Competitions like these are important as they help you to grow and be more confident, but with that said I haven't thought about being a full-time model.” She has worked with designers and brands in Nepal in her free time which has helped her to gain more experience and knowledge about beauty pageants. For someone like Aastha, who believes that beauty pageants are a great way for women to grow more confident and explore themselves, Miss Universe Nepal 2020 would be a great platform.



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Aastha aspires to represent Nepal at international level and Miss Universe Nepal 2020 would be the stage. She stated in one of her interviews that she had participated in the Youth Delegate Exchange Program in Korea, where she had represented her country. She got the chance to visit local sites, meet amazing people from around the world and that's the beauty of it all. The exchange of cultures is a part of learning and similarly happened during her stint at Miss Asia Pacific International 2018.

The diva’s family has played a huge part in her journey of success and she never fails to thank them. She explained that they were very supportive towards her career choices and she has always felt grateful for their support and motivation. For young models, she has only one advise which is to be honest, know your lines and work hard. Aastha believes that she is a dedicated and hardworking person who is filled with compassion and zeal to do work that comes to her in her lifetime.

With such strong opinions and hard-working attitude, this beauty queen would be a strong contender for the title of Miss Universe Nepal 2020, if she decides to participate.