Will Paraíba’s Ingrid Vidal represent Brazil at Miss World 2020?

18 Mar 2020 | Camilla Suarez

The 30th edition of Miss Brazil CNB (aka Miss Brasil Mundo) i.e., Miss World Brazil 2020, will be held on 28th June 2020 at Hotel Sibara Flat & Convenções in Balneário Camboriú. The gorgeous delegates from all over the country will compete for the national crown as well as their chance to represent Brazil at Miss World 2020 stage. Miss Mundo Brazil 2019 Elís Miele will crown her successor by the end of the event finale.

While there is a list of delegates being confirmed by the organization for the competition, Ingrid Vidal has caught our attention. She is emerging as one of the potential winners for the title of Miss World Brazil 2020 and will be representing the state of Paraíba at the beauty pageant. Ingrid is a strong and confident contender for the title of Miss World Brazil 2020 as she is not new to the pageantry. She was crowned Miss Teen Paraíba 2017 and since then the diva hasn’t stopped working as a professional model. She is passionate about beauty pageants and fashion.



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The diva has gained her share of modelling experience by working with some of the finest designers and photographers in the industry. The people she has worked with has mentioned that she is a hardworking woman who has her eyes set on her goals and would give her hundred percent to achieve it. She is a quick learner and has always grasped and worked on anything her mentors have asked her to.

Ingrid has a very quirky yet subtle taste in fashion and makeup and generally showcases her love for both on her social media. She has a beautiful face but gorgeous locks which has always enhanced her beauty. She is determined to win the title and represent her country at Miss World 2020 pageant.



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Ingrid advocates about women empowerment along with self-love. Being a strong role model, she believes that women should be taught how to be strong, confident and independent. The diva preaches about how young women should be motivated to follow their dreams and not demotivated to settle down for something less than what they deserve. She strongly believes that being miss goes far beyond the crown, the sash, the beautiful clothes and makeup, it is trying to make the world a little better!

The diva’s strong opinions and personality makes her one of the strongest contenders for the title. She is confident and self-assured that she has the qualities to represent Brazil at Miss World 2020 and for that she has already started to prepare. She has started to work on her body postures, body angles and on-stage walk. She wants to impress the judges as soon as she steps on the stage and we wish her all the luck for the beauty pageant.