Miss Universe Iceland 2020 Top 5 Early Hot Picks

18 Mar 2020 | Camilla Suarez

Miss Universe Iceland 2020 is all set to host its coronation night on 23rd October where stunning beauties will compete for the national crown and the opportunity to represent Iceland in Miss Universe 2020. Miss Universe Iceland 2019 Birta Abiba Þórhallsdóttir will crown her successor at the end of the event finale.

Before the pageant begins, we have picked out our favorite contenders among the twenty other talented contestants vying for the crown of Miss Universe Iceland 2020 –

Disa Dungal


Miss Universe Iceland 2020 Top 5 Early Hot Picks


Disa hails from Reykjavík and will represent her province in Miss Universe Iceland 2020. She is 24 years old and graduated with a master’s degree in Sports and Health Science. Being a health science graduate, Disa holds a keen interest in yoga and athletics and aims to contribute in the health sector of her country and eventually the world. She is business owner by profession and runs an online store which sells the health products and does spiritual counselling. Being in athletic business, she loves all kinds of sports. Her hobbies include traveling the world and spending time with her family. This beauty has represented Iceland in Miss Multiverse 2019 where she drew in pride for her country by winning the crown at the end of event. Disa has a stunning figure along with an adorable personality. The positive attitude with which she carries herself is impeccable and it is this attitude and confidence that makes a potential candidate this year.

Jenny Sulollari


Miss Universe Iceland 2020 Top 5 Early Hot Picks


Jenny Sulollari is confirmed as the official delegate of Geysir as she will represent the province in Miss Universe Iceland 2020. This 26-year-old beauty holds command over multiple languages and is passionate about selfcare which is why she aims to inspire young girls to love themselves as they are. She wants to encourage them to accept their uniqueness and flaunt themselves with their individuality. As she has an experience of being bullied as a child, she does not want others to experience the same thing. She believes that a positive body image is important for a person’s mental health. She loves traveling, exploring new cultures, hiking and painting. Sulollari has a positive, outgoing and compassionate personality and these traits can help her make way to the crown.

Halla Karen Johnsdottir


Miss Universe Iceland 2020 Top 5 Early Hot Picks


Halla Karen Johnsdottir is 20-years-old and will represent Gardabaer in Miss Universe Iceland 2020. Hailing from Ólafsfjörður in the Northern part of Iceland, Halla moved to Gardabaer when she was 16. Graduated from The Commercial College of Iceland in 2019, she majors in Economics. Halla has six siblings and being the oldest of all, she is very responsible in nature. She is travel fanatics and wants to travel the whole world someday. Also, she is huge lover of swimming and often goes to swim in her spare time. Karen is a fitness enthusiast and never skips workouts. She eats healthy and always keeps her calories in check. On the work front, she works as a customer support manager in an Icelandic telecommunications company where she communicates with the customers. She is ambitious and determined and surely can make way into the top 10 finalists of the competition.

Kamilla Kristrúnardottir Hancock


Miss Universe Iceland 2020 Top 5 Early Hot Picks


Kamilla Kristrúnardottir Hancock will represent Breidholt in Miss Universe Iceland 2020. This 20-year-old beauty was born in Reykjavík and moved to the USA followed by the Japan.  In 2015, after hovering around several countries, she returned back to her home nation, Iceland. Kamillia wants to become a professional film maker and desires to make films that highlights the uniqueness of people. Growing up in different cultures, she understands the importance of individuality and believes that uniqueness makes everybody beautiful. Be it painting or dancing, she is passionate about every art form and even excels in few of them. Being a bright student since her childhood, she even got the opportunity to represent Iceland in South Korea in an exchange program. Her beautiful natural curls add tons to her adorable dusky skin tone. It seems that with this beautiful personality, she can definitely get the opportunity to represent Iceland in Miss Universe 2020.

Heidrun Anna Eyjolfsdottir


Miss Universe Iceland 2020 Top 5 Early Hot Picks


Heidrun Anna Eyjolfsdottir is the confirmed delegate of Egilsstadir as she will represent this province in Miss Universe Iceland 2020. She hails from Egilsstadir and resides on the outskirts of the town in Eastern Iceland. Graduating from Menntaskólinn a Egilsstodum, Heidrun is 19-years-old and at such a young age works as a baker. After obtaining a degree in travel studies, she aspires to become a travel guide and establish her own travel company. Though she loves all the sports, her favorite one is Soccer. She often plays the game in her spare time. Heidrun has a jovial personality but when it comes to her ambition, she is very sincere and determined. Her beautiful smile exponentially complements her adorable personality. With all her sincerity and determination, she can give a tough competition to other contenders.