Eva Alejandra Moreno for Miss Mundo Colombia 2020?

20 Mar 2020 | Angelique Reyes

The grand coronation of Miss Mundo Colombia 2020 aka Miss World Colombia 2020 will be held somewhere in the month of August. The delegates will compete for the national crown as well as an opportunity to represent Colombia at the grand pageant of Miss World 2020. Miss World Colombia 2019 Sara Franco will crown her successor by the end of the event finale.

With list of delegates being prepared for the competition, Eva Alejandra Moreno is emerging as one of the potential winners for the title of Miss Mundo Colombia 2020 aka Miss World Colombia 2020. She is representing the Central Zone at the beauty pageant. Eva is 24-years-old and stands 175cm tall. She is a student of social communication with an organizational emphasis at the Autonomous University of Burcaramanga.



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Eva has worked as a professional model for five years and as a second language speaks English. Since she was eight years old, she has played basketball and therefore she likes a healthy and sporting life. She considers herself a woman committed to social work, especially with children because she has a connection with them since her mother died of cancer and for this reason she is linked to the Hope Foundation; entity in charge of providing support to low-income children and youth who are battling cancer and other chronic diseases.

Eva is strong, confident and self-assured woman who has been positive about her modeling career along with being a role model to young women across the globe. She wants to reach out to them to help them be the best version of themselves and she uses her social media account for the same.



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The diva has beautiful features which can capture anyone’s attention. She is very persuasive in terms of expressing her thoughts and views and would use this skill as an advantage during the competition to win the title. She is thankful for all the opportunities that she has received and worked on till date as it has helped her to be a better person as well as a model. She is quick to learn and adapt to the techniques her mentors mention.

Eva is a strong contender for the title as she has not only experience in the field but is also very hardworking and determined to win the title. She wants to represent Colombia at Miss World 2020 where she can proudly showcase her love for her country. She is very comfortable on-stage and camera and already started to work towards making her performance during the Miss Mundo Colombia 2020 a memorable one.



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She would like to use the stage of Miss World 2020 to fulfill her great dream of helping people who need it most, giving them joy and love, showing the world that they can help others. The foundation with which she will work for her project is called Hope, it is a cancer children's foundation that has few resources for its treatments and studies. At the age of 16, the diva suffered from eating disorders (bulimia nervosa), it was a very difficult stage in her life but she learnt a lot about health and would love to talk about it and help teens who need it and are going through the same thing. The diva is a strong contender for the title and can surely represent Colombia at Miss World 2020.