Miss Mundo Dominicana 2016 Live Telecast, Date, Time and Venue

18 Jun 2016 | Angelopedia

Miss Mundo Dominicana 2016 is on the road to the finale with 25 beautiful contestants, and is scheduled to be held on June 18’ 2016. The winner of Miss Mundo Dominicana 2016 will represent Dominican Republic at the Miss World 2016 pageant which is slated to be held in Washington D.C, USA later this year.


Miss Mundo Dominicana 2016 livestream


The gala event of Miss World Dominican Republic 2016 will be held at a hotel in the capital and will be broadcasted live on national and international level channels.

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Miss Mundo Dominicana or Miss World Dominican Republic is an annual national beauty pageant held in Dominica Republic to select representatives for Miss World pageant.

The reigning Miss Mundo Dominicana is Cinthya Maria Nunez. Cinthya represented Dominican Republic at the Miss World 2015 pageant. Cinthya Maria Nunez will crown her successor at the conclusion of the finale of Miss Mundo Republica Dominicana 2016. The finale will kick start at 8:00pm (Dominican Republic time).

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We will update you with the Livestream as soon as it gets available, till then enjoy the Beauty with a Purpose Presentation of Miss Mundo RepublicaDominicana2015…

So note down the timings and mark your calendar for the grand event as per your time zone…

Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) - Saturday, 18 June 2016, 20:00:00

New Delhi (India - Delhi) - Sunday, 19 June 2016, 05:30:00            

Caracas (Venezuela) - Saturday, 18 June 2016, 20:00:00 

Manila (Philippines) - Sunday, 19 June 2016, 08:00:00                     

Bogota (Colombia) - Saturday, 18 June 2016, 19:00:00

Montgomery (USA - Alabama) - Saturday, 18 June 2016, 19:00:00

Aguascalientes (Mexico - Aguascalientes) - Saturday, 18 June 2016, 19:00:00

Denpasar (Indonesia - Bali) - Sunday, 19 June 2016, 08:00:00       

São Paulo (Brazil - São Paulo) - Saturday, 18 June 2016, 21:00:00

Pevek (Russia - Chukotka) - Sunday, 19 June 2016, 12:00:00        

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