Miss Mundo Brasil 2016 Beauty With a Purpose Activities

18 Jun 2016 | Angelopedia

Miss Mundo Brasil 2016 pageant is moving towards the finale and in a week, the country will have its representative for the Miss World pageant. The delegates are competing for the title of Miss World Brazil 2016. The contestants showcase their Beauty With a Purpose before the national final.

It is extremely exciting and thrilling to see the continued commitment of the contestants to the Beauty with a Purpose cause. This year the pageant saw the finalists of Miss Mundo Brasil 2016 take part in various Beauty with a Purpose programs. Several states and regions also had their local candidates taking part in the project.

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Miss Mundo Brasil 2016 Beauty With a Purpose Activities


Brazil has always ensured to take its Beauty with a Purpose projects very seriously. In 2014 Julia Gama won the competition "Beauty with a Purpose" with the project "All Against Leprosy" in a historical tie with India, Kenya, Indonesia and Guyana.

The 42 gorgeous contestants of Miss World Brazil 2106 supported various social and environmental projects in their region. One of the finalists of Miss World Brazil 2016, Miss Bahia developed a project on shelter for children.

The finale of Miss Mundo Brasil 2016 is to be held on June 25’ 2016. Who do you think will win the coveted crown this year?

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