Ana Pérez from Huelva for Miss World Spain 2018

17 Jul 2018 | Camilla Suarez

Miss World Spain is one of the most important beauty pageants in Spain and has always received beautiful aspirants from all over the country. Its pageant season and Spain is also starting with its long and scrutinizing process of selecting the most deserving Spanish beauty to represent the country at the Miss World competition.

The regional crowning for the pageant's contestants has gone underway and the winners for most provinces are out. Representing Huelva in the final of the contest Miss World Spain 2018 is Ana Pérez.

Ana Pérez stands tall at 173 cm and represents the community of Huelva at the Miss World Spain 2018 elections.


Ana Pérez from Huelva for Miss World Spain 2018


On being faced with the jury at Miss Universe Spain 2018, Ana would tell them that she, as a person, is very sure of herself. She faces everything that comes her way with strength and determination. Winning Miss World Spain has been a dream that she has had since she was a child, and to achieve it is one of her biggest goals. Winning would help her spread her ideology with a vast majority of people, and help her show the world that this is not just a beauty contest and goes beyond it.

Ana explains that she is a transparent person who does not pretend anything and everything she does comes naturally to her. She believes that her extroverted and spontaneous qualities characterize her.

She also discussed how life would change is she won Miss World Spain 2018, she says, “I'm sure it will be a unique experience. This is something that will help me to improve myself and work harder for what I would like to achieve independently if I win or not. With the recognition that this title would give me, I hope I can help many people and show the world that beauty is not everything and that this contest hides much more.


Ana Pérez from Huelva for Miss World Spain 2018

(Photo Credits: Miss World Huelva 2018 Ana Pérez Facebook Page )

Today I am collaborating with Alcores, which is a family foster care program for minors. This ICIF (collaborative institution for family integration) seeks families through a suitability study, where children in situations of child protection can develop fully, adopt family values and find the support and affection that a center for minors can hardly offer. One of the things that I would like to collaborate with is fighting against bullying and being able to help people who do not dare to tell about it out of fear. This is a cause in which we can all put some of our part, harassment and injustice are the order of the day and we can all help to stop this situation. If I were to become the national representative, this would give me a lot of repercussion to be able to support these social causes as much as possible.”

The most significant province in the competition remains Cordoba as most contestants from the area walk away with the Miss World Spain crown at the finale. It will be interesting to see if this beauty will be able to change the ritual.

Before 2013, Miss World Spain was appointed and not crowned. The first Runner-Up from the Miss Spain pageant was appointed Miss World Spain and would represent Spain at the Miss World pageant. On occasion, when the winner did not qualify (due to age) for the contest, another contestant from Miss Spain was sent. However, in 2013 Miss Spain was shut down due to bankruptcy, and it gave way to Miss World Spain.

The Miss World Spain 2018 gala will be held on 15th September 2018. The hotel Alegría Costa Ballena (Rota) official headquarters of Miss World Spain will host the candidates of the most important beauty gala in Spain.