Anjila Mahat for Miss Nepal 2018: Contestant 24

05 Apr 2018 | Angelique Reyes

Miss Nepal 2018 is a title that has 25 girls drooling over it, but, which one will finally wear the crown will only be determined on the night of the finale. The bar has been raised pretty high for these new finalists for the Miss Nepal 2018 contest. These girls will have some big shoes to fill, and it only means more hard work, and going through intensive preps. The girls have shown great enthusiasm so far, and have already been a part of the orientation.

Contestant number 24 Anjila Mahat is one of the 25 delegates who is going to compete for the coveted national title.


Anjila Mahat for Miss Nepal 2018: Contestant 24


Anjila Mahat is a 22-year-old university graduate who loves reading novels, travelling to new places and knowing about different cultures. Her modelling experience is limited to a few photo-shoots in the past but she has never participated in a beauty pageant before.

She has also been a recipient of many sports-related awards. The concentration, however, lies in the time during her school years. Her sports of choice, for which she received the aforementioned awards, were mostly basketball, Kho-Kho and Kabaddi.

Anjila has completed Bachelors in Nursing from Queensland University of technology and was even working as a Registered Nurse.


Anjila Mahat for Miss Nepal 2018: Contestant 24


Nepal participates in five major international pageants, Miss World, Miss Earth, Miss International, Miss Asia Pacific International, and Miss Intercontinental. The reigning queens who will be passing on their crowns to their successors are Miss World Nepal 2017 Nikita Chandak, Miss Earth Nepal 2017 Rojina Shrestha, Miss International Nepal 2017 Niti Shah, Miss Asia Pacific International Nepal 2017 Sahara Basnet, and Miss Universe Nepal 2017 Nagma Shrestha.