Miss Nepal 2020 Live Blog Full Results

05 Dec 2020 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss Nepal 2020 finale to be held on 5th December 2020 on Kantipur TV at 4:30 PM where the representatives to Miss World, Miss Earth, Miss International and Miss Supranational will be crowned. From this year, Miss Universe Nepal branched out from Miss Nepal to create a separate organization which is headed by Nagma Shrestha.

Miss Nepal 2019 Anushka Sharma will crown her successor at the end of the event finale while Riya Basnet Miss Earth Nepal 2019, Meera Kakshapati Miss International Nepal 2019, Rose Lama Miss Supranational Nepal 2019 will also crown their respective successors.

Miss Nepal 2020 will begin at 4:30 PM. Watch the live stream of Miss Nepal 2020 here –



Below are the results of Miss Nepal 2020 (updated as and when announced) –

Miss Nepal 2020 –  Namrata Shrestha

Miss Earth Nepal 2020 – Supriya Shrestha

Miss International Nepal 2020 – Sandhya Sharma

Miss Supranational Nepal 2020 – Shimal Kanaujiya

Top 6

Ayesha Shrestha

Merisa Suwal

Shimal Kanaujiya

Supriya Shrestha

Namrata Shrestha

Sandhya Sharma

Top 12

Arnica Rajbhandari

Sija Chaulagain

Sanjana Panta

Riya Shrestha

Ayesha Shrestha

Merisa Suwal

Shimal Kanaujiya

Supriya Shrestha

Namrata Shrestha           

Sandhya Sharma

Pragati Shrestha

Astika Shrestha


Miss Confident- Namrata Shrestha

Beauty with a Purpose- Sandhya Sharma

Miss Popular Choice- Sandhya Sharma

Miss Healthy- Neha Sarkar

Miss Photogenic- Astika Shrestha

Miss Glamour- Yojana Bhattarai

Miss Stylish- Merisa Singh Suwal

Women of Substitute- Sandhya Sharma

Miss Intellectual- Namrata Shrestha

Miss Fitness- Shubhangi Khatri

Miss Tourism- Riya Shrestha

The delegates competing for Miss Nepal 2020 are Aayushma Shrestha, Rajani Chaudhary, Shubhangi Khatri, Arnica Rajbhandari, Junu Twayana, Yojana Bhattari, Nigata KC, Sija Chaulagain, Sajana Pant, Riya Shrestha, Ayesha Shrestha, Merisa Singh Suwal, Neha Sarkar, Shimal Kanaujiya, Sona Shrestha, Rushmita Shahi, Supriya Shrestha, Namrata Shrestha, Sandhya Sharma, Pragati Shrestha.