Miss Nepal 2020 Final Hot Picks

04 Dec 2020 | Ana Walia

The organization of Hidden Treasure Nepal is all set to host the coronation ceremony for Miss Nepal 2020 on 5th December 2020 at Park Village Resort minus the audience due to the ongoing pandemic but the ceremony will be broadcasted on live on Kantipur TV and Onlinekhabar.com. The winner will succeed Miss World Nepal 2019 Anushka Shrestha for the title. The organization will also crown the winner for Miss International Nepal 2020 and Miss Supranational Nepal 2020.

We’ve selected our favorites from the group of 21 candidates who we think have the potential to win the title and represent Nepal at international stage. This year’s batch boasts of extremely talented, confident, and strong candidates who will give each other tough competition for the title. Let’s look at the favorites of Miss Nepal 2020:

Astika Shrestha

Astika is 25-years-old and stands 162 tall. She is a doctor and a professional model who aspires to make a significant impact in maternal mortality rate of Nepal. She is strong and confident about winning the title and representing the home country at international stage. She is grateful to be a part of such prestigious stage where she mentions learning never stops.



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Shubhangi Khatri

Shubhangi is 22-years-old and stands 163 cm tall and is a student of dentistry at KUSMS who aspires to become a successful oral and maxillofacial surgeon. She strongly believes that dreams take determination, sweat, and hard work to turn to reality. She describes herself as adventurous, accepting, and hard-working women who has achieved the impossible with her determination and want to do more with the platform of Miss Nepal 2020.



Yojana Bhattarai

Yojana is 24-years-old and stands 165 cm tall who aspires to become a business and social entrepreneur. She describes herself as a hardworking, passionate, and goal-oriented person who believes that one should keep working towards their dreams and make it happen. She also believes that an individual should also keep working and putting efforts for their goals because seeing the look on the faces of the people who said you couldn’t will be priceless. She is strong, confident, and is well assured that she will be able to perform her best at the competition in order to win.



Sija Chaulagain

Sija is 24-years-old and stands 163 cm tall who aspires to become an entrepreneur. She explains that it has been a very exciting experience being a part of the beauty competition and describes herself as determined, confident, fun-loving, and dedicated human who is ready to take on any hurdle that comes along her way because she is determined to make her dream come true.



Ayesha Shrestha

Ayesha is 24-years-old and stands 172 cm tall who aspires to establish an engineering firm where women hold the power positions. She is always ready to learn and work towards something she feels is a step closer to her dream. She describes herself as resilient, powerful, and confident to win the title and represent her home country at international stage. Ayesha is close to nature and wants to work by making an impact on the society.



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Rajani Chaudhary

Rajani is 21-years-old and stands 182 cm tall who aspires to become a successful flight attendant and motivational speaker. She believes in progression not perfection and is very confident to win the title so that she can represent her country at international level. She strongly believes that no one will help you to grow but yourself. She urges everyone to embrace themselves and believe in their superpowers.