Miss North Carolina 2019 Alexandra Badgett talks about her extended reign

10 Aug 2020 | Ana Walia

Alexandra Badgett was crowned Miss North Carolina 2019 and represented North Carolina at Miss America 2020 stage where she was placed at Top 15 at the end of the event finale. During the competition her social impact initiative was “N.I.N.E – No Is Not Enough,” aiming to deepen the message of the anti-rape anthem “no means no.”

In a recent interview with WFMY News 2's Stacey Spivey, Alexandra expressed that she had plans to take up a job offer in Houston and moving to Texas but since Miss America 2021 along Miss North Carolina 2020 has been postponed to next year due to coronavirus, she has to hold onto the crown until the pageant is held in June 2021. She added, “I had plans. I've always said one of my favourite sayings is 'We plan, God laughs.” She also mentioned that no one right now has any idea about the future as every titleholder performed their duties to the fullest thinking that all they have is a year but now they have got another year to perform. She also stated that she is grateful for the opportunity that Miss North Carolina 2019 title gave her but she had plans post her reign which has been extended until next year.



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But the diva also mentioned that the local titleholders or the delegates will compete for the title of Miss North Carolina 2020 next summer. The organization has made it possible for them to have scholarships that they can count on for the school year. "That's beautiful for girls who were really relying on this organization for their scholarships for this next school year. They'll still be able to continue their education and not be so concerned about finances, and have that financial burden on their shoulders," Badgett said.

Alexandra’s initiative, “N.I.N.E – No Is Not Enough” was something that grabbed attention during Miss America 2020 pageant. She explained, “On college campuses, one out of five women and one-in-16 men are sexually assaulted and that number wasn’t OK.” Her goal is to serve as a voice for those who are unheard in the community and make a lasting impact for them, she said. That led her to research the stories and statistics of rape and sexual assault on campus and outside of it, and she found the resources available to victims severely lacking. She wants her legacy to be a website to serve as a one-stop destination for steps to take after an assault. The idea is to enter a zip code, county, or university and be connected to sexual trauma services nearby, people and counsellors to talk to, and creating an inclusive environment.



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“These are some of the changes we need to make in order to make a difference,” Badgett said. The diva attended the University of South Carolina in Columbia and graduated with a degree in insurance risk management and finance with a minor in actuarial mathematics. Based on the rules of the Miss America organization, members can represent the state they reside in or attend school in. She represented the city of Columbia and was fourth runner-up for Miss South Carolina in 2018.