Miss Northern Ireland 2021 Meet the Delegates

14 Jul 2021 | Camilla Suarez

The organization of Miss Northern Ireland is all set to host the coronation for Miss Northern Ireland 2021 in September, where delegates from all over the country will participate and compete for the national crown and earn the opportunity to represent Northern Ireland at the 70th edition of Miss World scheduled to take place in December in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The organization announced the names of twenty-five finalists who have been selected to compete for the coveted Miss Northern Ireland 2021 crown. The winner will succeed Miss Northern Ireland 2019 Lauren Leckey for the title. This year’s batch boasts of talented and determined women who will surely give each other a tough competition.



Without further ado, let’s look at the finalists of Miss Northern Ireland 2021:

Abigail Parkinson (Age: 24 Years)

Erin Gina Riley (Age: 22 Years)

Karla Gilmore (Age: 20 Years)

Amy Woodall (Age: 18 Years)

Nichola McFaul (Age: 25 Years)

Kathryn Ann Knox (Age: 25 Years)

Sarah Maguire (Age: 26 Years)

Emily Ward (Age: 22 Years)

Chloe Simms (Age: 22 Years)

Chloe Spence (Age: 26 Years)

Poppy McAllister (Age: 23 Years)

Laura Irvine (Age: 25 Years)

Stacey Burns (Age: 22 Years)

Sapphire Duffy (Age: 26 Years)

Melissa McDonnell (Age: 22 Years)

Niamh Morrison (Age: 22 Years)

Jane McArdle (Age: 22 Years)

Anna Leitch (Age: 27 Years)

Naomi McGregor (Age: 24 Years)

Ruth Armstrong (Age: 24 Years)

Catherine Mulholland (Age: 18 Years)

Olivia Novak (Age: 23 Years)

Jessica Eastwood (Age: 21 Years)

Mollie-Grace McCartney (Age: 21 Years)

Bernadette Hagans (Age: 25 Years)

Lauren Leckey represented Northern Ireland at Miss World 2019 on 14th December 2019 at the ExCeL London in London, United Kingdom, where she was highly appreciated but unfortunately was not placed.