Miss Norway contestants reveal style and health secrets!

06 Feb 2018 | Camilla Suarez

Beauty is found in all shapes and sizes, but, the most common face for beauty is the beauty queens that compete for different crowns every year. They define it with their grace, sophistication, free-mindedness, and the will to make a difference in the world.

The semifinalists of Miss Norway 2018, are doing exactly the same. These beauties blog often on the official site of Miss Norway, and their views on the world are out there for their fans to see.

These beauties have shared their makeup, tips, views on what beauty really is, and a few tips to getting healthy.

Here is true beauty advice, from beauty queens themselves.

Imen Myren Habes

Imen believes that too many young girls today are struggling with low self-esteem in relation to their appearance, this also increases in young men and older. The beauty queen advices to prep oneself to distinguish between what’s fake and what’s real on the social media. She advocates that the focus should shift from the glamour that is portrayed on social media.

She says, “Social media usually shows only the glamorous and positive side that we want people to see. Be the person you want to include yourself and not one that others tell you should be. Everyone has just as much right to do whatever they want with their body, just remember to cherish and safeguard it properly.”


Miss Norway contestants reveal style and health secrets!


Madelen Michelsen

Madelen Michelsen, however, shared with her fans, her eyelash and nail extension sessions. She made up her mind about going for beauty treatments, and fulfilled her wish for long eyelashes and nails. An easy fix for those who want the same without the hassle of falsies or continuous filing of nails.  

She shared her experience: “Not only do I have the finest lashes, but I personally cannot feel that I have lashes on even though there was so much and long lashes, they were so easy on the eye and then neatly applied. The nails were built in a gentle way, and there was absolutely NO discomfort when I put on the nails, which are very important to me when I decide where I should take the nails.”


Miss Norway contestants reveal style and health secrets!


Helene Abildsnes

Helene had a quirky way to get her fans in shape. She provided ideas that will make you fit, without you even realizing that you were working towards it.

She advised:

To talk on the phone with a girlfriend, and you know that conversation is going to be long, so you can take a walk outside.

Finding something socially with friends. One can take a walk on bowling, go to the swimming pool, go into a managed-park, or maybe a walk in the woods? It's a fantastic way to socialize, while having fun.

For more of such fun tips, do check out her blog.


Miss Norway contestants reveal style and health secrets!


Susanne Naess Guttorm

Susanne had some fall look advice hidden well. She insisted, “Autumn in Oslo can be good sometimes. Red is the color that was my favorite this fall. I am very fond of red, and as little as a red sweater can pop up the whole outfit if you think the outfit is too boring without color.”


Miss Norway contestants reveal style and health secrets!


Ina Kollet

Ina gave some sound argument on how Miss Norway advocated inner beauty:

Many believe that this contest only about outer beauty, which is not correct. Miss Norway is about inner beauty, and it and have faith in yourself. You should be confident and know for yourself that you are good enough as you are. There is no requirement when it comes to body or appearance, but you should know that you are good enough. What attracts most people are people who are comfortable with themselves and greet you with a big smile. If you have a healthy mind so it should not take much to shine.


Miss Norway contestants reveal style and health secrets!


Kristine Eiden

Kristine went for the relatable beauty queen look. She attended parties and vacations over the past few months, but, the beauty queen went with the staples of dressing, a sequined dress for the night out, and tracks for the day in.


Miss Norway contestants reveal style and health secrets!


Rebecca Bjørk

Rebecca is a feisty blond. She is spontaneous, and her beauty tip was to be spontaneous. She changed her hair to strawberry blonde, just after a conversation about the same with a friend of hers. She wrote, “I was hanging out with my best friend the other day, and we were walking around and I told her I always wanted to have pink hair. We both have a passion for hair and styling and are always our friends private hair dressers. So spontaneous as we were, we went to the store, got some pink color and BAM BAM. I have pink hair and I am in love with it.”

Don’t panic yet, it’ll only last for a few washes.


Miss Norway contestants reveal style and health secrets!


Reeah Mode

Reeah emphasized the point that Imen had made. She also added to her blog, that the “pseudo-standards” of beauty, should be ignored. She added, “Appearance changes with age, no matter how many surgeries, injections or corrections you do. Inner beauty, however, lasts a lifetime. It is therefore an important investment to continually work on themselves as a person, rather than using an unnecessary amount of resources, money and time on a result that is not going to last longer than a year. There are countless ways to keep in shape in the natural and organic options, which are far healthier not to mention cheaper, than to invest in short-term corrections that may have harmful consequences.”


Miss Norway contestants reveal style and health secrets!


Nadia Helena Shabbir Gustavsen

Nadia is swearing by Marilyn Monroe’s words, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” She had to walk for the catwalk course, and unfortunately, the only heels she had were 9-11.5 cm. What she really needed, were 12cm heels. So she took her fans along when she shopped along with another contestant.


Miss Norway contestants reveal style and health secrets!


Sandra Afriyie Tito

Sandra stuck it to the man, and went with what her heart permitted. She wore bright white gowns for her photoshoots, and looked as vibrant as can be. She pulled on achiffon gown for one, and a princess dress for the other, reminding us, that one only looks good in what they can carry with confidence.


Miss Norway contestants reveal style and health secrets!


Marte Fredriksen

Marte had the most needed advice for her readers. She shared her tricks for wearing a bold red lip.

She wrote: “Personally, I think it simply looks too much like if I have a lot of eye makeup (big false eyelashes, strong eye shadow) in addition to the red lipstick, so I choose usually very natural eyeshadow and some fake eyelashes that look natural but provides a open and nice look. Sometimes I think eyeliner might be fine too, but then it is usually not eye shadow and a very nice and thin eyeliner streak.

For the rest of the face I do not blush or too much bronzer along with lipstick. My top tip would simply be to let the red lips to speak for themselves and let everything else be more natural and easy.”


Miss Norway contestants reveal style and health secrets!

(Photo Credits - Miss Norway Official)

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