Miss Norway 2020 Top 5 Final Hot Picks

30 Oct 2020 | Angelique Reyes

The organization of Miss Norway is all set to host the coronation ceremony on 31st October 2020 where the stunning beauties will compete for the national crown and an opportunity to represent Norway at Miss Universe 2020 and Miss International 2020. Miss Universe Norway 2019 Helene Abildsnes and Miss International Norway 2019 Henriette J. Hauge will crown their successors at the end of the event finale.

We’ve selected our favourites from the group who we think have the potential to win the title and represent Norway at international pageants. The divas who have shown immense dedication towards winning are expected to give each other a tough competition at the finale night. Let’s look at the favourites from Miss Norway 2020.

Amine Victoria

Hailing from Fredrikstad, Amine is 19-years-old and studies nursing who aspires to be a health nurse and help young people and children who are struggling with the psyche. She has been a volunteer for Red Cross in order to help more people and understand the health conditions of the people around her. She is strong, focused, and determined to secure a high placement at the competition after which she would use the platform to advocate about mental health along with other health conditions that needs attention in the community.



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Andrea Nicole

Hailing from Skudeneshavn, Andrea is 18-years-old and goes to Haugesund Toppidrettsgymnas for the third year and will study law. The diva is passionate about football as well as beauty pageant. She likes to travel and meet new people and know about their culture and traditions. She aspires to be a successful and a positive role model for women across the globe. She wants women especially young girls to feel powerful, motivated and encourages to follow their dreams. Andrea works for raising awareness about the human trafficking and would use the platform to advocate about the same. People describe her as down to earth, positive, impulsive, and a caring person who is focused towards her goal.



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Celestina Andreassen

Hailing from Nesodden, Celestina is 24-years-old and works as a trained makeup artist with good experience, knowledge, and interest in the industry. The competition of Miss Norway 2020 has helped Celestina gain confidence and assurance that she can represent the country at international stage. She is creative, loves to hear other people’s inputs and is fun. She speaks Norwegian, Swedish and English fluently, and is learning new languages as well. She wants to help, motivate, inspire and be there for other people who are going through a disease named MS. She is determined to perform her best at the competition and secure a high placement.



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Sunniva Frigstad

Hailing from Vennesla, Sunniva is 19-years-old and is currently studying marketing and management at UIA. She describes that challenges and experiences are something that has helped her to shape up herself the way she is today and one of the driving factors why she participated in the competition. Sunniva explains that the beauty pageant has helped her to develop herself both personally and cognitively and she is very grateful for that. She wants to use the platform to raise awareness regarding sexual abuse and influence people to show compassion and belonging to the person who has experienced the situation.



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Viktoria Christense

Hailing from Grimstad; Viktoria is 26-years-old and is currently studying psychology and doing a bachelor thesis on social inclusion. She is animal lover, positive, outgoing, and funny who is open and loyal about things and people in her life. She wants to raise awareness about the same and animal cruelty in a whole. She is huge supporter for animal rights because she strongly believes that animals can’t speak for themselves and someone should. She wants to give a message to women out there to feel the power inside them and work hard towards their goals and dreams. She believes, “never be afraid to stand up for what is right and hate injustice.”



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This year will mark 30 years since Norway won the Miss Universe crown by Mona Grudt who was crowned Miss Universe 1990. She is the only delegate from Norway to have won the Miss Universe crown.