Camila Escríbens crowned Miss Perú 2023

19 May 2023 | Priya Bhardwaj

The coronation night of Miss Perú 2023 was held on Thursday, 18th May 2023 where Camila Escríbens was finally crowned Miss Universe Peru 2023 as she became the official representative of Peru at Miss Universe 2023. She succeeds and was crowned by Alessia Rovegno Miss Peru 2022.

Third time was finally a charm for Camila as she stood on the stage and was named as the winner of the title. Camila is 24 years old and is from Lima. Although much of her life she lived in California, United States where she began to compete in beauty pageants representing the Latino community as Miss Peru USA 2019. Not only that, Camila also holds Miss Peru Grand 2019 and Miss Peru Supranational 2020.



The newly crowned Miss Peru 2023 Camila Escribens’ court included –

1st Runner-up – Suheyn Cipriani

2nd Runner-up – Nathaly Terrones

3rd Runner-up – Gianella Rázuri

4th Runner-up – Alexandra Balarezo

The panel of jury who were responsible for crowned Miss Peru 2023 were Romina Lozano, Karen Schwarz, Natalie Vértiz, Olga Zumarán Miss Peru Universe 1978.



The contestants who competed at Miss Peru 2023 were Alessandra Gálvez, Alexandra Balarezo, Alicia Pacheco, Alisson Quiroz, Angela Romero Sanchez, Camila Escribens, Clarisse Uribe, Darlys Valderrama, Evelyn Sotomayor Escudero, Gianella Ra´zuri, Krysta Celi, Larizza Farfan, Lili Armestar, Lisseth Garcia, Luana Silva, Mafe Malca, Maricielo Limaco, Nathaly López, Nathaly Terrones, Nathie Quijano, Stephannie Carhuas, Suheyn Cipriani, Valeria Morán Sabaducci, Viviana Diaz, Winny Zapata Olivera.