Get to know Miss Earth Philippines 2018 Silvia Celeste Cortesi

23 May 2018 | Irina Silva

Miss Earth Philippines 2018 crowned Silvia Celeste Cortesi as their new queen just three days ago, i.e. 19th May 2018. As the 20-year-old took over the reins of the crown, she took to her social media handle to talk about her journey and dreams and thank everyone who has supported her endlessly.

The diva’s win was both unexpected and expected at the national pageant. She's the first winner after the pageant was rebranded from its former name, Miss Philippines Earth.  

Celeste is the first contestant from Filipino communities abroad to win the title. In Miss Earth Philippines, contestants represent different cities and towns, as well as Filipino communities based abroad. While contestants from Filipino communities have made it to the top 5 in the past, it's the first for someone from the group to have the honour of representing the country in the Miss Earth competition.


Get to know Miss Earth Philippines 2018 Silvia Celeste Cortesi

(Photo Credits: Silvia Celeste Cortesi Instagram Official)

Back in Italy, Celeste joined the local Miss Earth Philippines competition where she represented the Filipino community in Rome. She was also a model before convening to the world of pageantry. Having had a tough life as a child Celeste never lost her will to live life happily and be hopeful for greater things in life. Her positivity and optimism has definitely brought her a lot of success.

Celeste advocates for the importance of trees. She explains, “My advocacy is about trees in Italy because I believe we should protect our urban fragile forest, because trees are life. And the perfect example is here in Italy, for the existence of a law that protects monumental trees."


Get to know Miss Earth Philippines 2018 Silvia Celeste Cortesi


Celeste also thanked everyone and discussed her journey on her social media –“Almost 2 months ago I arrived for the first time here in the Philippines alone and I discovered a wonderful country and countrymen. These two months have not been easy but I worked, I've done my best in every single day to show my self and everyone that if you want something you must struggle to obtain it, it doesn’t matter how long and hard the road is. Since I was 16 I dreamed moments like these and the opportunity to work doing what I love. I know that this is only the beginning. I came here with a little knowledge of the language and it was so difficult, even now I know that I have a lot to learn but I will do my best effort. First, I want to say thanks to my mother, she introduced me the part of being Filippina which for a long time I egnored and I felt sorry for it. Thanks to her friends who have encouraged and helped me to go on even in the darkest moments. Thanks to MPEI for giving me the opportunity, Tita Cheryl, tito Robert, the Judges & Vocals of Rome. Thanks to all the people who followed me and are still with me, your messages filled me with joy. Last but not the least, thanks to MPE and staff, to KF & familia of course for the advices and for helping me to improve myself day by day . Thank you to Paolo Blanco for the wonderful dresses, I felt like a queen. Thank you Karen Ibasco, I’ll do my best to keep your level, even if it will be hard.  Thank you for the trust & I promise you all that I will do my best to show that I really deserve this title. I am so proud to represent my country in the international final.