Filipina beauty Jedaver Opingo crowned Miss Progress International 2017

22 Oct 2017 | Angelopedia

At the conclusion of the finale of the fifth edition of Miss Progress International held on 21st October 2017 in Puglia, Italy, Jedaver Grace Pancho Opingo from Philippines was crowned Miss Progress International 2017. This was her second attempt at the title, as she also competed in Miss Progress International 2015.

She bested eighteen other beauties from around the world and succeeded Natascha Fischer of Netherlands, Miss Progress International 2016. She also won the title Miss Progress Human Rights 2017, besides winning the Miss Popular vote.


Jedaver Opingo crowned Miss Progress International 2017


At the same event, representatives from Italy, Ukraine and Peru won the titles Miss Progress Environment, Miss Progress Integration of Cultures and Miss Progress Health respectively.  Best in National Costume award was won by Paraguay, while United Kingdom won the Miss Progress Internet special award.

Miss Progress International - Women for Progress is a unique contest in the world, in which women around the world are given the role of Ambassador of Progress in full compliance with each one’s culture, traditions and religion. The pageant is dedicated to Health, Human Rights, Environment and Cultural Integration. So far, five editions of the pageant have been held including the 2017 edition, and all of them were held in Italy. The winners of five editions are from Tanzania, Bolivia, Paraguay, Netherlands and Philippines.