Philippines’ Zea Awatin gets her send-off to Miss Progress International 2022

31 Aug 2022 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss Progress Philippines 2022 Beatriz Zea Vasquez Awatin held her send-off event at Kagandang Flores Camp today. Zea will depart for Puglia, Italy, on 7th September 2022 for the 8th edition of Miss Progress International.

Beatriz’s project for human rights theme is entitled ‘THE JEEPNEY LIBRARY’. It is a vehicle of progress. Jeepney Library is an aid to support the lack of access to modern education for the poorest of the poor children of Manila.



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It is customized with a portable Wi-Fi connection and computers/laptops built in to give less fortunate children the right to gain access to technology and information.

Beatriz, along with over 30 delegates, will compete in Puglia, Italy. They will visit several UNESCO World Heritage sites. The finale will be held on 17th September 2022, streamed LIVE on Miss Progress International’s YouTube and Facebook pages.



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The Associazione Culturale in Progress organizes the pageant, which has been recognized and supported by the President of the Italian Republic, the Italian Council of Ministers, the Italian Ministry of Tourism, and the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities.