Miss Russia 2015 Meet The Contestants (Part-3)

10 Apr 2015 | Angelopedia

Continuing with the introduction of contestants of Miss Russia 2015, here is the ensemble list of ten more finalists from the pageant. Take a look and find out more about your favourite contestants…


Miss Russia 2015 contestants introduction


Natalya Samilyk – 19 years old Natalya hailing from Severodvinsk is a banking student at University Synergy and won the title of Beauty of Severodvinsk 2014. It was after winning this title, she was invited for the casting of Miss Russia. She dreams about living on the shores of the White Sea and be on a submarine.

Darya Norkina – 18 years old Darya hailing from Tyumen is a hardcore fashion follower and is engaged in the creation of exclusive accessories and fashion design. Since her childhood days, Darya has been enthusiastic about photography. She pursues photography by the axiom that photography is a way to convey your views to the world around. Darya believes that dream don’t work as long as we don’t work. When she was invited for the casting of Miss Russia, she thought it was a chance for her to give her best. “I am happy that I had the honor to represent Tyumen and I want to make every effort to present it with dignity. After all, Miss Russia - is the main beauty contest in our country. Every girl dreams of becoming Miss Russia and I am no exception. ", says Darya.

Ivetta Makarova – 22 years old Ivetta Makarova hailing from Kaliningrad is a Bachelors in Economics from BFU Kaliningrad. Also she pursued further studies from the European Business School, Faculty of World Economy and a course at New York in Manhattan Institute of Management at the Faculty of Financial Management. Currently she is completing her Masters in the field of law from Moscow. She has been in the world of modeling from a tender age of 17 and has appeared in magazines like Vogue, Elle, Tatler, Glamour, Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire, Cosmopiltan. Ivetta has visited 30 countries till date and has seen the 5 wonders of the world.

Yana Vasilyeva – 21 years old Yana hailing from Samara is an active student of her university who is involved in all sorts of cultural activities. She is the captain of the Volleyball team in her University. At the age of 15, she moved to Moscow alone to sign the contract with the volleyball club “Dynamo". In 2012 she graduated from the sports school and became candidate master of sports of volleyball.

Lidiya Semenova – 21 years old gorgeous looking Lidiya hails from The Republic Of Sakha (Yakutia) and is a student of North-Eastern Federal University. Lydia loves fashion, trying out and keeping up with the latest trends. Since childhood, Lidiya has dreamt of a beauty contest and participating in it. She went a long way, participating in a regional beauty pageant in her country and finally winning it. “Miss Russia is a competition, I take as a mission and a chance to test myself”


Miss Russia 2015 contestants introduction


Darya Shmakova – 19 years old Darya hailing from Volkhov likes to learn new languages and is currently learning Latin, French, Chinese and Slavonic languages. For four years, she was the editor of her school newspaper. Darya took art lessons at the age of 5 and continued till 16.

Maria Tuguskina – Hailing from Amur Region, 20 years old Maria graduated from Finance and Economics College. Maria joined the contest Miss Russia 2015 after getting inspired by the win of Tatyana Kotova, Miss Russia 2006.

Anastasia Vyacheslavova – 22 years old Anastasia born in the Republic of Komi is a student in Department of Economic. Anastasia is an active volleyball player and played for the team three years in a row and led the championship for the Republic of Komi. The craziest thing that she has done as a child was preparing her wedding with the guy next door, where she had all the ceremonies including rings, dresses, witnesses and chic table with children’s champagne. And she actually thought that she got married.

Viktoria Bakanova – 20 years old Viktoria is a student and has maintained an active student life. In her free time, Viktoria likes to play tennis and practice yoga. Interestingly, Viktoria made a check lits when she was young, and now when he found the checklist, out of 50, 45 desires are checked. She hopes to tick mark one more when she comes back home.

Alia Limefy Zinatullina – 21 years old Alia hailing from Kazan is studying in Kazan College of Music with a degree in folk instruments. In her spare time she likes writing lyrics and indulging herself in music. She is fond of pop and jazz singing and as a child used to write poetry. Her dream is to enroll herself in the acting department.