Miss Scuba Philippines 2017 Finals on 10th October; Meet the Contestants

06 Oct 2017 | Angelopedia

Miss Scuba Philippines 2017 is on the road to its finale with 15 contestants competing for the title and a chance to represent Philippines in Miss Scuba International to be held in Malaysia on 18th November 2017. Miss Scuba Philippines' national director is Cindy Madduma, who became the first Filipina to win the title of Miss Scuba International in 2015. Miss Scuba International pageant, which commenced in 2011, is focused on 'oceans'. It not only celebrates the inner beauty and courage of today's modern woman but also advocates worldwide marine conservation.

The fifteen contestants of Miss Scuba Philippines 2017 are Danica Joy Acuña, Sherlyn Legaspi Doloriel, Angela Gene Reeder Valdez, Mirtle Gimenez, Helga Cerbo, Jolina Anne Roque, Kristine Eiriel Nolasco, Fel Banaybanay, Nicole Jenice Aguilar, Elle Hollman, Aivana Elma, Lorin Acosta Talosig, Yana Ibnohajil, Karren Arias and Mary Maureen Quiambao.

The fifteen beauties competing were presented to the media on 14th September 2017, and since then have been involved in several pre-pageant activities including preliminary swimsuit and long gown competitions. At the press presentation held for introducing the contestants to the media, Sherlyn Legaspi Doloriel was named Darling of the Press.


Miss Scuba Philippines 2017 Finals on 10th October; Meet the Contestants


Later, the swimsuit competition was held at La Laguna Villas in Puerto Galera on 27th September 2017.  At the conclusion of the event, Helga Cerbo, Lorin Acosta Talosig, and Sherlyn Legaspi Doloriel were announced as the Top 3 in the swimsuit.

This was followed by long gown competition held on 4th October 2017 at City State Tower Hotel in Manila, and at the conclusion of the event, Danica Joy Acuña, Sherlyn Legaspi Doloriel and Fel Banaybanay were declared Top 3 in a long gown.

Apparently, Sherlyn is emerging as a hot favourite to win the finale of the pageant scheduled to be held on 10th October 2017!