Miss Slovensko 2018 finalist Dianka Olvecká’s sassy side

21 Mar 2018 | Camilla Suarez

Miss Slovensk is just a few weeks away from us, and the finalists are in full prep mode. While these women are busy with their vigorous rehearsals, it’s our job to make sure their fans know them well. Thus, we explore the different sides of these finalists. Today, we get to know Dianka Olvecka a little better.

19-year-old Dianka Olvecka stands tall at a height of 175 cm. She works at the Univerzita Komenského v Bratislave - Fakulta filozofickej. Her hobbies include dancing, acting, and print modelling.

Signing up for Miss Slovakia was a bit special for her. Based on the Miss Horehronie regional competition, she had just received an invitation to the semi-finals. She admitted that she hesitated initially, but finally decided to try it.

What we love about this contestant is much more than her basic introduction. She is fun, she is free, and she is, most of all, sassy. We love the confidence in each and every click of Dianka. Her Instagram is filled with pictures that show you how comfortable she is in her skin and that confidence is surely infectious.

So we bring to you, the sassy side of Dianka Olvecka.

Outdoorsy gal!

She is not the kind of a girl who sits at home. Almost always on her feet, and exploring places. She is definitely not one to fear the elements, and what better way to do so, than skiing?



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Talent round.

She has given us enough proof, with this trophy, that she will be smashing the talent round at Miss Slovensko 2018. We hope the other girls come prepared because this dance champion must have some serious moves under her belt.



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Party the night away!

She eve parties like a queen. On a night when everyone dressed up, she still beat them to it and dressed the best in the place. Look at her, she looks like a pageant queen in an evening gown, even at a masquerade party. This is what a girl who was born to be participating in pageants looks like.



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Is she your favourite Miss Slovensko 2018 finalist yet?