Miss Slovensko 2018 announces prizes for fans

04 Apr 2018 | Camilla Suarez

Miss Slovensko 2018 just keeps getting more and more interesting and rewarding for the fans sitting at home. Surely, you can join the girls on the final gala night on April 28, 2018, or watch it streaming live on Joj TV. But, the competition has come up with ways to keep the audience stimulated even till the final night. They have kept online votings open for the subsidiary titles that are given throughout the competition.

The titles that have open online voting are:

Eva Miss Sympatia 2018

Miss Drive 2018

Miss Gosh 2018

Miss Pierot 2018

Two of the online voting titles, Miss Gosh 2018, and Miss Drive 2018 have prizes attatched to it. But, the exciting news is, these prizes are not just for the beauty queens. One lucky voter, will also receive huge care packages in the form of personal sessions, vouchers, and even a car. Now that is the way to keep your fans engaged.

The prizes and the voting methods for the titles are laid down below. Choose your favourite prize, and get voting.


Miss Slovensko 2018 announces prizes for fans

(Courtesy Miss Slovensko Facebook Official)

Miss Gosh 2018

You get to choose the most beautiful Slovakian from the final eleven of Miss Slovakia 2018, which will win the title Miss GOSH. Gosh Copenhagen will announce the winner during the final evening of 28 April at JOJ. Vote from 1 March to 25 April 2018.

One of the voters will receive a course with Gosh Copenhagen's main make-up artist Veronika Hutkova. The prize package also includes a € 150 Gosh Copenhagen decorative cosmetics package.

GOSH COPENHAGEN is involved in editing the girls' looks throughout the competition, such as the official presentation of finalists, official flicks, or shooting. Gosh Copenhagen will provide the overall finishing touches of the finalists even during the grand finale.

Miss Drive 2018

Miss Slovakia 2018 - General partner of the competition - Hyundai Slovakia - tested the motorist knowledge of the finalists. They also fight for the title MISS DRIVE this year.

Each finalist was riding a wild ride with a racing car and the Hyundai i30N sports model with up to 275 horsepower when they were put under pressure to answer 7 automotive questions. The girls had only 7 seconds to reply.

The activity brought a lot of adrenaline and funny moments. You can vote for your favourite girl to win  Miss Drive 2018 and Hyundai Slovakia will award one of the voters with a Hyundai Kona SUV.

So why are you still sitting here, go vote for your favourite finalist, and win something for yourself?