Nelda Ibe announces bid for Miss World Ph 2018

04 Apr 2018 | Angelique Reyes

Miss Globe Philippines Nelda Ibe seems to be toying with the emotions of her fans through her social media accounts. Her Instagram has Filipino pageant lovers in an exhausting game of speculation on whether or not the beauty queen will be seen on the pageant stage again.

People have many addictions, and Nelda seems to have a unique one herself. She is caught on the pageant stage every now and then, fighting for a crown. To be honest, she also seems pretty good at it. The pageant queen seems to have a flair for pageantry and always turns out to be one of the strongest competitors.

At the conclusion of the magnificent finale of Binibining Pilipinas 2017, held on 30th April 2017, Binibini 18 Nelda Ibe was crowned as Miss Globe Philippines 2017.

However, it was not the first time the beauty queen had made an appearance on a pageant stage. She was the second runner-up at the Miss World Philippines 2014 pageant. She made the decision to join Bb. Pilipinas 2017 after finishing her Solo Fly as Captain Cadet student. A stunner standing tall at 5’10”, Nelda identifies as someone who is relaxed, laid-back and very beautifully sensible. But once she gets her mind to it, and walk over the stage at a pageant, she transforms into a fierce beauty queen.


Nelda Ibe announces bid for Miss World Ph 2018

(Courtesy Nelda Lbe Instagram Official)

But what had got all her fans so excited recently?

Nelda took to her Instagram account, and announced her candidacy for Miss world Philippines 2018, in a very discreet, and confusing manner.

“Many are encouraging me to give it a try for the second time around, and I don’t want to regret anything in my life. I am more than ready for another challenge,” she wrote in a post.

“Yes, I conquered the globe, but my heart, my purpose, and my story is worth sharing back to my first love, Miss World. Yes to Miss World Philippines,” Ibe concluded.

Considering it was the 1st of April when she made the post, fans asked her if it was just an April fool’s joke. Comments poured in on the post asking her the same. One day after Ibe made the announcement, the beauty queen closed the comments section of her Instagram but she retained her post. Two days later, she deleted the post.

Now, this has put all her fans under a daze, as to whether their favourite beauty queen will be, or won’t be participating in Miss World Philippines 2018.

Guess we’ll find out once official announcements are made.