Miss Slovensko 2018 finalist Rebeka Barboráková’s scenic view

02 Apr 2018 | Angelique Reyes

Rebeka Barboráková has entered the finale of Miss Slovensko 2018 and is probably just waiting for the gala night. However, it becomes our duty to find out more about the beautiful finalist. We snooped around her Instagram and found out what she loves the most.

20-year-old Rebeka Barboráková is 172 cm tall. She works at the Univerzita Komenského v Bratislave - Fakulta filozofickej, and loves to act, swim, hike, and read.

She entered the Miss Slovakia competition by herself, but with the assistance of my family, who completely supported her in this idea. She reminisced watching the competition as a little girl, along with her parents, who always told her that one day she will definitely reach there. What adds to her joy of entering the finalist is the fact that she has fulfilled her and her loved ones’ dreams.

She wants to show the world that Slovak girls go far beyond this competition, they are not only beautiful but also purposeful, hardworking, kind and intelligent.

And the answer to the question, what does she love the most according to her Instagram feed is scenic views. There are a million pictures of the beauty sitting in front of what seems like vast expanses of beautiful terrain that one might kill to be around.

Toy Town

The amazing, almost, bird’s eye view of the town below makes it look like a toy town, the ones that can be seen in clay motion. A miniature town, with miniature people out and about. We get the fun in it. Plus, we have to mention how fresh and sweet Rebeka looks.


Miss Slovensko 2018 finalist Rebeka Barboráková’s scenic view


Snow and the sun

One can only wonder how beautiful the sun’s rays might look shining on pristine white snow. The chill in the air and the warmth in the atmosphere, definitely must cancel each other out. But most of all, the peace on seeing a white blanket of snow as far as the eye can see, must truly be an experience worth having.


Miss Slovensko 2018 finalist Rebeka Barboráková’s scenic view


The skyline

When it comes to scenic views, one might not think of an urban setting. No matter how many times skylines have proved to be beautiful, city dwellers take a long time to see the beauty in them. Not our Miss Slovensko 2018 finalist though. She seems to have taken a long hike, for this incredible view.


Miss Slovensko 2018 finalist Rebeka Barboráková’s scenic view

(Courtest Rebeka Barborakova Instagram Official)

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