South African beauty queens Rolene Strauss Tamaryn Green wear doctor caps to combat Covid-19

09 Apr 2020 | Angelique Reyes

The need of the hour is professionals who are ready to help and spread the right information regarding the ongoing Covid19. The facts are needed because there are so many rumours about the virus that has put a lot of people in the state of panic and stress. Some of our beauty queens who are certified doctors or medical graduates have taken it upon themselves to spared the right information about the virus and help people stay well and healthy. 

Miss Universe 2018 runner-up Dr. Tamaryn Green from South Africa is a certified doctor who studied medicine at the University of Cape Town. She had move to Johannesburg to carry out her duties as Miss South Africa 2018 but eventually returned to her studies and complete her studies. She has been actively participating and fulfilling her duties as a doctor in tough times like the ones we are dealing in. She has shared few essential things that one needs to do during such times i.e., wash hands at regular intervals and stay indoors. She has urged everyone to take this pandemic seriously as the number of cases are on rise.



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Miss South Africa Organization has posted a video of the doctor who has stated few but essential facts about the ongoing battle with the virus. She has mentioned that one should not panic in such time because it is the time to know the facts and work towards stopping the virus from spreading. She stated that whether you’re infected or not, always cover your face and mouth when you sneeze or cough with your fist or tissue and discard the tissue in the bin. She reminded everyone to wash their hands.

Miss World 2014 Rolene Strauss who is a graduate doctor from the University of the Free State has come upfront to help anyone who is in need. Miss South Africa Organization posted a video on their official social media page where Rolene stepped up to raise the awareness about the ongoing Covid19. She explained that the virus is not airborne but droplets. She urged everyone to follow the social distancing protocol as guided by the WHO as she stated that being 1meter away from the person showing the symptom will help you to stay away from the virus.



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Rolene especially mentioned that we should all come together as a community and take this pandemic serious and change our behaviour and habits to stay safe. Lastly, she mentioned, one should re-check the facts and news they spread because wrong news or facts can cause a lot of fear in the people which is something no one needs right now.

Their efforts are highly appreciated because these gorgeous and intelligent women never fail to impress their fans and followers with their knowledge. Both the queens are practicing social distancing at their respective homes and doing whatever they can to help the professional and their colleagues who are working day and night to help the people infected.