Miss Suomi 2015 Top 5 Hot Picks

04 Apr 2015 | Angelopedia

Miss Suomi 2015 also known as Miss Finland 2015 is here and the finale is just at a week’s distance. Miss Suomi is the annual national beauty pageant of Finland responsible for selecting Finland's representatives for three of the Big 4 international pageants, being Miss World, Miss Universe & Miss International. The winner of Miss Suomi 2015 will represent Finland at the Miss Universe 2015, first runner-up will go to Miss World 2015 and the second runner-up will compete at the Miss International 2015. As the finale is at a fair distance, we decided to give out our Top 5 Hot favourites for this year’s Miss Suomi. So as the contestants juggle between their preliminary events and preparations, let’s check who among the ten finalists has made it to our Top 5 favourites list…


Miss Suomi 2015 Top 5 Hot Favourties


Heidi Yli Pietila – 23 years old Heidi Yli radiating a jovial and charismatic persona, hails from Helsinki and is currently working for Tommy Hilfiger in motion.  Heidi is studying at Haaga-Helia international business administration and marketing. Standing tall at a height of 5’9, Heidi with her cute face and deep inquisitive eyes makes you want to know her and like her even more. As confident as Heidi appears in all her photo shoot, she is surely one of the strongest contender for the Miss Suomi 2015 pageant.

Iina Immonen – Standing at a towering height of 5’10, the 24 years old works as a beautician for beauty Salon. Iina hopes that the pageant will open up new job opportunities for her in the near future. As lively as Iina appears in all her pictures, she has managed to bag a huge amount of fan following ever since the commencement of the pageant.

Inka Hyvarinen - A 24 years old Law Student with an average height of 5’5 hailing from Turku, Inka has an old beauty charm to her appearance. She has a very comfortable and contented appeal in all her photoshoots. She loves to work out and in her spare time she prefers cycling and jogging and also indulging in dancing sessions.


Miss Suomi 2015 Top 5 hot picks


Rita Jokinen – Sweet, childlike and ever smiling… these are the adjectives that immediately pop out of the mind when looking at Rita Jokinen. This young and beautiful lady holds the authority of making anyone fall for her innocent and naïve smile. Rita is currently studying, as well as is indulged in a part time job.

Rosa Maria Ryyti – Rosa is hands down the hottest finalists in this years’ Miss Suomi. The smile, the envious body and the look, she is a complete package. Standing tall at a height of 5’10, 20 years old beauty hailing from Oulu has been working at her mother's firm as an interior designer and an assistant.